First 30 days of methylation finished!

I started Rich's methylation protocol 30 days ago after having to wait about 3 weeks for the supplements to arrive from holistichealth. (Australian customs are awful for this sorta thing) Due to my excitement at finally starting treatment and due to my impatience caused by having to wait so long, I dove into taking the supplements head first and started out by taking one of each. My energy quickly dropped and it took me almost 3 weeks to recover. Thankfully once I had cut out all the supplements but the B12, my health began to improve slowly. I feel I have a reached a point where I have one 'good' day a week and have the ability to interact with the world in a way I haven't been able to for quite some time without suffering awful consequences. For the first time in years I am optimistic about my health and the future, especially since I have only come to grips with the protocol in the last couple of days. I am thankful to everyone who has offered me advice or who has posted useful information about methylation as it has all helped me along in this journey.

Also here are some graphs which show my recovery over the course of the month. Not entirely sure if they'll be useful, I guess they might be to someone starting methylation.
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Unfortunately this graph doesn't show any useful information. I guess it might show no real correlation between my rest and fatigue / exertion and fatigue

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This graph is far more useful, as it shows that by adjusting my supplement intake helped me a lot. I was unsure exactly how to show notes in excel so they might not be obvious to the reader. Regardless, I think it contains useful information to the reader.

See you guys in 30 days!


sorry I'm very confused by the graphs. Is 10 on the graph of the most severest fatigue or would that be 0? on your graphs? If I'm reading your graph correctly it looks like you have more fatigue then when you first started off? What about your other symptoms? or do you only have fatigue? (I wouldn't be able to judge my improvement by fatigue alone).

Your post is a good example of why all supplements should be introduced carefully and slowly.
Yeah sorry tania. I put this together when I was really tired (I had FolaPro and it knocked me round for a couple days). For my next report, I will aim for something that is more informative next time.
As for only recording fatigue, I feel its more of a catch all for general shittiness. I've been dealing with this for so long, mental and physical fatigue kinda merged together. I don't really find I have any other symptoms (well I have been dealing with sleeplessness since I started)

I'll make a much better show of it next time I do my report

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