Finally my letter from Dr Myhill!


Hi Rosa, i can see now where we talked about your mito results before - it was in your previous blog, sorry i hadnt remembered (brain is not my strong point these days!)
Ive read through your results and they are very very similar to all the others i have read, sometimes minor differences, but essentially ATP (energy) production not working properly, low antioxidant and mineral status and blockages in the translocator protein membrane (the shunt that moves ATP across the membranes in order for the ATP or 'energy' to be used by the body.
Basically your body is not making energy correctly (it is not known why though) which makes you extremely exhausted, you also are not rcycling ATP properly, which the body normally does so you have to make it new, this can take a few days so explains the energy lag with it taking a few days to recover from a minor setback.also you have a low antioxidant status (CO Q10 etc) which will make you feel generally ill, accelerates ageing and causes problems for the immune system. The B12 injections should provide a general immediate antioxidant 'cover' for your body and they were the best thing i ever did - be careful though with the supplements and try then out at lower doses one at a time to see how you go with them. The B12 was too high a dose for me, but alongside the magnesium the best one i have taken ( i self injest B12, but take oral mag) you are also low in other things such as minerals. This could be because of not enough stomache acid, hence low iron as well. Dr M's minerals are now available in spray on form which bypasses the gut and i recommend. I also have dioleins on my TP membranes, but i dont know how to understanf or deal with this, and from your letter and mine im not sure that DR M does either.
Infact our results are very similar - you have less ATP production than me, but i have higher cell free DNA and also some gene blockages on SODase which made my score a bit lower than yours at 25/30 out of 100 on the scale. The scale is i think useful, because it tells you what level of acitivty you ought to be aiming for - usually lower than we think!
I would follow her recomendations for the supplements, especailly B12 magnesium amd minerals, then add in the others slowly - i cant tolerate D Ribose at all as it is too stimulating and affects my hypoglycaemia - but we are all different.
continuing (didnt want to lose the last post) She also wants you to sort out sleep as she sees this as a very important piece for recovery and alongside very strict pacing are the first things to put in place - i do agree with this strongly as most of my gains are lost if i dont sleep well or if i over do things.
She notes that your Thyroid levels are in the low end of bnormal, but says to address that at a later stage (she will probably offer you a trial of thyroxine at some stage)- she also suggests detoxing using FAR sauna ( a type of mat you buy and use to gently warm fat layers to release toxins) once you have other things in place and are feeling a bit better, in the meantime you must drasticalloy reduce your exposure to chemicals such as make up, cleaning fluids etc.
i cant think of anything else right now - i am happy to answer questions or provide my take on things if you need it.
Take care, Justy.
interesting, so basically improving mito function is going to help improve other aspects of immune function, as she seems to believe the cause is some infectious problem. WOuld be interested to see how you go after treating these defiencies.

good luck

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