Finally doing better (back to my base)

It took about 3 months but I'm finally feeling "my normal" again. I have been laying off all SMP sups and taking about 50 mg B3 per day.

Each day I'm also taking my minerals with a small amount of B1, B2 and 7 mg p5p.

I believe perhaps my methylation never stopped. I'm not sure how it could unless other systems in the body can make up for it somehow. I think the last ten years my methylation has been way below normal. Taking the SMP sups has given it a boost, perhaps my diet at times on certain days has also increased the turnover of this cycle. The days that I've felt wonderful I believe is an equilibrium point when my neurotransmitter production is given a boost by methylation. After that either a downregulation of the receptor sites happens or the other idea that once methylation gets boosted the liver becomes overloaded with toxins, the gut becomes rebellious, inflammation goes through the roof. Whatever the case.

I thank Caledona for her post on Sep 10 about slowing down Methylation.

My suggestion would be to stop all methylation supplements including your multi, and take 50-100mg of a slow release nicontinic acid form of niacin.

Take the niacin 4 times a day until symptoms settle down. In my experience it will take 4 or 5 days if you have methylation cranking pretty good.
I assumed I could just pop a little B3 and that would do it. Not in my case anyway. If I had the above info earlier I might have ended this episode in a few days instead of a couple of months.

I'm grateful that I didn't permanently change something, for the worse, in my body by attempting SMP. I think that is the biggest worry for most of us is that we could actually make things worse when things are already worse.

Update: While I am feeling mostly better and back to where I was when I stated (but not 100%) I do believe I have altered my gut with SMP. Which shouldn't be a permanent thing, I am working now to address that. I believe i have a Mercury burden and possible still in the "Mercury Dump" phase after having my final 2 (of 10) amalgams removed in June of 2012.

Update: I found what I believe was the missing piece. By taking a small amount of N-Acetyl Tyrosine I am feeling even better and much closer to "normal". The depression I was feeling I assumed was related to serotonin but maybe it was NE/Dopamine instead. Probably prudent for depression to supplement Tryptophan (with B3 and P5P) and Tyrosone.


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