Final piece of my Adrenal recovery supplement list

I knew Vitamin C was a big big deal. I've taken it before when my Adrenals have been tapped out and it works wonders. If you read about "Adrenal Support" supplements maybe half of them will even mention it if that many. It's probably the most important thing in my opinion. You may also read that Vitamin C lowers cortisol. Maybe but apparently your adrenals can't make cortisol without it and the highest concentration of Vitamin C in the body is in the Adrenals.

The form I've been taking the last few years is "Ester-C". I like the Rutin and Hesperidin because I think they help with histamine issues but think lately it's been adding to my IBS possibly due to it's pH level.

Ester C is a pH neutral product which has a different composition from regularvitamin C, which is ascorbic acid. The main component of this product is calcium ascorbate. Other ingredients of Ester C are compounds known as vitamin Cmetabolites, which are dehydroascorbic acid and calcium threonate
So I have some pharmaceutical grade C powder that I've used in my attempts at making liposomal C. I took about 300mg yesterday mixed with water. Within a half hour I was feeling great and at peace. The adrenals were resting, no tightness in or pain in my lower back. Still feeling good this morning and took another 300 mixed in with my AM Licorice Tea.

UPDATE: It may turn out the final piece here was Potassium. I need to keep reminding myself "If I take Methyl B12 I need to take extra Potassium!". I used to not have to but at some point during my methylation supplement tests I must have depleted any reserves I had. I don't I ever feel as bad as when I'm low on Potassium. Maybe when I'm methyltrapped. They both mess with you horribly and you really feel like you're dying.

UPDATE2: I still wasn't out of the woods yet apparently. I was still feeling pretty bad. I decided if my Potassium was low maybe my Foliate might be also. Took half of an 800mcg Solgar MF and that did the trick. Feeling much much better.

UPDATE3: Gut doing much better today. No adrenal supplements taken today or any supplements at all. Had a great day but felt some lower back pain for part of the day. Not sure if due to activity or suspect most likely due to first day in a week of not taking cortisol supps. Anyway I'm starting to feel that I'm finally paying enough attention and really learning my body. Cortisol seems to be a big issue for me. Also not sure why taking a small amount of MB12 each day (400mcg) is enough to drive a need for extra Potassium and enough to leave me depleted of Folate. Wondering if low folate was the underlying issue here.

For me, dealing with Methylation is a slippery slope. MethylTrap and I feel like I'm dying. Folate insufficiency and I feel like I'm dying. But seems that balancing the two and finding the sweet spot might be whats going to help me. There are so many things to pay attention to and be aware of. No detail is too small or insignificant.

Also learned that gut issues aren't necessarily caused by bad gut bugs. I would normally take probiotics and maybe yogurt for gut issues. I suspected that but now I've seen it for myself. You can read all you want but nothing takes place of learning your own body.

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I've been taking vitamin C for years, but didn't realize how important it was until I stopped it for awhile and my sleep noticeably worsened. Then I came across this study: which states that Vitamin C helps with glutamate induced neurodegeneration - I get severe insomnia from MSG - so I added the vitamin C back in and started sleeping better. I take Now Foods Vitamin C complex (which has bioflanoids, including rutin) and do well with it. I was using plain ascorbic acid powder, but I do better with this complex. I think it's helping my immune system too!

BTW, what is SMP?
I did read that bioflavonoids should be in a 2:1 ratio with the C. So twice as much of the bioflavonoids as the C.
MSM aka organic Sulphur is also synergistic with vitamin C.

Another cool thing about Vitamin C is that it upregulates BH4. This means it could increase dopamine, and low dopamine can cause hypothyroid symptoms, which is something that mimics CFS.

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