Fighting CFS with Supplements and Maybe Winning?

As many of you already know, my daughter, Lisa and I have been treating her for CFS for a few months now with some improvement. The first hint that she was being cured was after a combination of things,stopping the mega doses of vitamins she probably didn't need, starting her on the vitamins her body could use, along with taking hot bathes to draw out as many toxins as possible. Then starting her on a healthy diet, including fruits, vegetables, and antioxidant juices. The biggest improvement came when we added B-complex and thiamin to what she was already taking, but it was a temporary boost.
We are attempting to treat the whole body, not just the symptoms of CFS. These are the supplements she is taking ,and the reasons we thought they are necessary:
Vitamin C - 1000 mg daily - it is your body's top antioxidant for protection against immune system deficiencies. * Oral contraceptives and estrogen can cause a deficiency along with poor diet.
Magnesium - 400 mg daily - makes your muscles relax. Every single cell in your body needs magnesium to produce energy. * Birth control also depletes magnesium.
Calcium - 500 mg with D - 400 IU daily - is needed to make many different hormones and enzymes, especially the ones that control your digestion and how you make energy and use fats.
Flaxseed oil - 1000 mg daily - helps treat anxiety and depression, also ADHD, among other things. LIke endometrosis and for weight loss.

Super B-complex - 2 tablets daily - listed below:
Thiamin - (B-1) - 200 mg daily - this is in addition to the amount in B-complex - keeps body cells and nerves working right. Helps memory and is used to convert food into energy.
Riboflavin - (B-2) - releases energy from food and for normal red blood cells, and hormones.
Niacin - (B-3) - more than 50 processes, releasing energy from food to make hormones and detoxifying chemicals.
Pantothenic acid - (B-5) - breaks down carbohydrates, fats and proteins into energy, also makes vitamin D and some hormones.
Pyridoxine - (B-6) - shuffling around your amino acids to make 50,000 proteins your body needs to run properly, Involved in making 60 different enzymes.
Biotin (B-7 or Vitamin H) - needed to breakdown fats, proteins and carbohydrates into fuel for your body.
Folic acid - (B-9) - needed to make natural chemicals that control your mood, your appetite and how you sleep.
Cobalamin - (B-12) processes carbohydrates, proteins and fats into energy and forms protective covering of your nerve cells . Obtained only from animal products.

DHEA - 50 mg - daily - provides vitality and energy. Sharpens the mind, helps maintain normal sleep patterns. Improves your ability to recover from stress, trauma, overwork and temperature extremes. Because it is hormone related we stop it for 2 week intervals occasionally.
CoQ-10 - 200 mg daily - makes energy in your cells, without it you can't produce enough to keep your body running. It takes 15 steps for your body to make it's own, plus your body needs plenty of vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium and B vitamins.
Alpha lipoic acid - 400 mg daily - is needed to help cells turn glucose into energy and recycle glutathione. It also helps in weight loss in larger doses.
K-2 -200 mg daily - regulates calcium in the bones and arteries * do not use with Coumadin (warfarin).
Vitamin E - 400 IU - Mon.- Wed - Fri - teams up with vitamin A and vitamin C to give you maximum antioxidant protection.
Bio-active whey protein - builds Glutathione levels. GSH has been proven to optimize your immune system, maximize the function of antioxidants, support your oxidation process at the cellular level and increase your strength and endurance.
Lisa also takes a Multi-vitamin/mineral supplement .
Acetyl -l-carnitine - 300 mg daily - improves well being and mental outlook * if you have heart problems consult a medical professional.
Note: We also tried some Phosphatidyliserine but after only 3 days of taking Phosphatidyliserine (PS for short) Lisa was having trouble with weird dreams and feeling combative, and being "crabby". Do not recommend this supplement .
ATP ( adenosine triphosphate) - 20 mg daily - it is the chief energy carrying chemical in the body.

Before taking any supplements you need to know possible side affects and if it will interact with any prescriptions you are already taking, or cause problems with any medical conditions you already have, use caution ! Add one supplement at a time. Just because you can buy it off the shelf, doesn't mean it is safe, especially in large doses.
Like everyone else , we are taking it one day at a time and hoping for the best. My heart goes out to all of you. I wish you a good nights sleep and a better tomorrow.
Maybe I can make you laugh for just a second, whenever I call my dog, Lisa says " Run Toby, she'll make you take a vitamin ! "

Just a foot note: My husband has had heart problems for many years. He recently had to have a defibrillator, and shortly after that a knee replacement . His body was getting very tired and depleted. He is taking the same supplements as Lisa now including the bio-active whey protein. He is 70+ and still working in construction, of course, he's the Boss. He told me yeaterday," Gosh, I really feel good, feel like I'm 40 !!"

Will these supplements work for you? I have no idea . But, I wish you luck with whatever you do.
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Great that this ccombo is helping her. 50mg of DHEA seems an awful lot for a woman to be taking - I am deficient in it, but cant tolerate the supplement even at under 5mg a day.
Lisa has been off of the DHEA for a couple of weeks now and is still doing well, so we have put it on hold for now. Thanks for the info, every piece of the puzzle helps!!! Good luck to you as well.

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