Fighting CFS with "Good " Gut Bacteria

This past weekend I was reminded of an old enemy I had forgotten about for some time, IBS, irritable bowel syndrome. I had been stressing over some things in my life and it hit ...... the discomfort, the bloating and the pain. This got me to thinking about probiotics. So, I did some research and found some amazing information.
Probiotics are live bacteria and yeast that are good for your immune health, especially your digestive system, because they help keep your gut healthy. They can also lower the amount of "bad" bacteria in your system that can cause infections or other problems.
> Immune health can be improved as good bacteria lines your intestines, reinforcing the barrier that prevents pathogens (anything that causes disease) from seeping out of your GI tract and into the body (called leaky gut syndrome). Without a strong barrier in place, toxins from your feces can be absorbed, placing an additional burden on your immune system.
> Researchers say there is a neurological connection between the gut and the brain, and you can treat the brain with anti-depressants and see improvement in bowel problems. Or, you can effectively treat depression, anxiety, and behavioral problems by normalizing the bacteria in the bowels.
My personal experience: During the time my IBS attack was in progress, my husband and I took a sunset drive through the country in an area that reminded me of my home state --- I started feeling homesick, depressed, and very emotional, even "weepy", this was unsual for me. Brain - Gut connection ?!?!
> Gut bacteria can boost energy levels as well. When your body is absorbing nutrients and ridding itself of toxins more efficiently, you will feel an overall improvement in your energy level.
Research: Blood and saliva samples were taken for one month in eight athletes who had fatigue and declining performance. All were shown to have a reduced secretion of interferon, and most were found to be infected with the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). ( Most adults are carriers of this virus )
When the athletes were given a probiotic supplement ( Lactobacillus acidophilus ) for a month, not only did their interferon levels improve to levels found in healthy individuals, but only one was found to exhibit EBV shedding in the saliva. Also, the fatigue disappeared and athletic performance noticeably improved. Restoring bacterial flora to optimal levels can have a profound effect on your energy level and health.
> When the bacteria flora is out of balance, estrogen is neither reactivated nor absorbed . It is lost in the stool. A similar process occurs with many hormones, as well as folic acid, vitamin B-12, bile acids, cholesterol, and vitamin D.
> Apart from residing in the intestinal tract, beneficial bacteria also resides in the vagina and the urinary tract, where they deter the growth of pathogenic bacteria and yeast. They are the primary defence against urinary tract infections and acute cystitis.
> By taking antibiotics you can kill the natural flora in the body that influences how we breakdown and absorb nutrients that help keep us lean and healthy. Antibiotics are known as growth promoters, they stimulate growth with less food.
> Butyrate, one of the fatty acids produced by good gut bacteria, has been suggested to promote feelings of fullness and satisfaction, this can prevent over eating.
> People who don't eat enough fiber often have too much pathogenic microflora in their GI tract. Eating a high-fiber diet effectively supports the good bacteria that leaves passing bile acid intact. As a result, your body excretes more cholesterol.
> The primary benefit of probiotic flora in the oral cavity --- the mouth, throat, and by extension, the nose, sinuses, and ear canals-- is to support our immune system, since often our first exposure to viruses and bacteria come through the mouth and nose.
After educating ourselves about the benefits of " good " gut bacteria, my family and I have decided to upgrade our probiotics to more than just acidophilus. We're thinking something with more strains would be beneficial.
Gut bacteria affects so many different systems in our bodies, each individual person would be affected differently, depending on their own weakened system or systems, therefore, symptoms would not be the same, but could have the same cause. Could "bad" gut bacteria be the underlyinng cause of CFS ?

Note: Lisa is still doing really well with the treatment we are using. Although her work stress level has been extremely high for the past three weeks, , she has been able to relax and recouperate on the weekends, and join in family activities. So, we are very grateful.

Best wishes to all of you, I hope this information will help.


Since probiotics is of interest to you ; you might want to read about PB in relation to ME from Columbia University researcher Ian Lipkin:
There is a lot of biomedical research happening now for ME. The hope is that there will soon be a biomarker for the illness.
Snowdrop, Glad to hear Dr. Lipkin agrees with me. Lol . A Focus on the Gut. Thanks again for the info.
I've had a great deal of success with gut therapy via pre- and probiotics, in large measure due to what I've learned here on PR. Good gut bacteria has definitely been a key in getting my energy back. There are some really good gut threads here on PR, with lots of good info. Trouble with some of them is that they're loooooooong, and can be intimidating or hard to read. Here's one:

You can find others by searching terms like flora, probiotic, etc.

You're onto something. Good luck!
Whodathunkit, thank you for your comment & the info, I will check it out. I've been reading some forum post, but know nothing about the treatments being used . Just trying to learn as much as possible and be ready for any set backs!! Thanks for watching out for us !!! Hope your treatment is going well !!!
Been using probiotc yoghurts for about a year after reading about Dr Lipkin's research at Columbia University.

In that time my condition has improved, difficult to tell whether it is down to better pacing or the probiotics. I do not have any control me to judge myself against :p
There was an interesting BBC programme last year about the gut biome & allergies. Worth watching.
The gut biome is a fascinating topic. Whether it has an direct impact on the causes ME/CFS remains to be seen.

it could be that major illnesses have an input the gut flora which then feed back into making symptoms worse. The results of the Lipkin/Hornig stidy at Columbia are eagerly anticipated.

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