Fighting CFS and Winning?

My daughter was diagnosed 3 months ago although she has been suffering for more than 3 years. Her problems may have started 20 years ago when she had mononucleosis and more recently a tick bite that would not heal. The Lyme test was negative.
After being tested for everything imaginable by her most recent doctor, her illness was labeled as CFS. She was exhausted, couldn't sleep, couldn't concentrate, her muscles were weak, she had dark circles around her eyes. She was close to being bed ridden. The only thing offered to her in the way of treatment were anti-depressants.
Then a mother's love took over. I'm not a doctor or a nutritionist, but I had to help my daughter. I started studying day and night. Bought a vitamin book. Studied an old natural healing book. In that book we got our first break.
In the natural healing book was the name of a nutritionist that claimed to have cured herself and her husband of CFS. We ordered the book.
My daughter had been trying to heal herself by taking whatever vitamins other people said made them feel better. She was desperate.
After studying awhile, I learned that large doses of B-6 can cause restless sleep and vivid dreams. Her B-12 count was extremely high. She was taking mega doses of vitamin D which can be dangerous. I was worried about liver damage.
We took her off all vitamins and let her detox for about 3 weeks. Then started her on basic vitamins the ones you urinate out if you don't need them, vitamin C, magnesium and calcium.
When the book came from the nutritionist we began following her advice. Soaking in a hot tub as hot as you can stand for as long as you can stand it. We started her eating a lot of fruit and vegetables and juices. She started taking flaxseed oil and we gave her some B-Complex and Thiamine.
After only one week, my daughter called and said "I think I'm cured!" She felt really good. She cleaned her whole house that day and made supper for her Dad and me. She even noticed that her eyes weren't as sensitive to the sun as they had been. But as time passed she began to bottom out at times.
So, back to the books and research. We added more supplements, DHEA, CoQ10, and for awhile some Iron. I searched for anything connected to body energy. We added ATP and Alpha-Lipoic Acid and some K2 to work with the calcium, some Vitamin E. Her lows weren't as low or as often but still happening. Sleep was improving.
I told her energy was a chain of events in the body and I thought she was missing a link, but what?? My research lead me to Glutathione. I'm sure I had some divine guidance at this point because it read, this is the missing piece of the puzzle. Glutathione is an antioxidant made by your own body. It fights free radicals and toxins in your body, your body makes less as you get older.
Some symptoms of Glutathione deficiency are *headaches * dizziness * weakness/lack of energy * brain "fog" * joint pain * rashes * dry skin * sleep disorders * depression * frequent colds and the onset of more serious health conditions, the same symptoms as CFS.
I read that Glutathione supplements don't work very well. So I had to find a way to increase my daughter's Glutathione. I came across a product called bioactive whey protein. We ordered it. Curious, I called the spokesperson for this product. He had suffered with CFS for 20 years, been bed ridden for 8 of those years. He said the bioactive why protein cured him.
My daughter is now taking this product, we're hoping it will bring her the rest of the way back. If you decide to try this product, first ask your doctor if you can use it, then start with a small amount and work your way up to a full packet by 3-4 day intervals.
Since my daughter started taking vitamins and the whey protein she is beginning to smile again, and laugh, talk more and do more things. We recently went white water rafting.
Doctors, scientist and nutritionist have been writing thousands of articles for decades trying to warn us that our bodies were going to break down under the load of all the internal and external factors they have to deal with daily.
This is my observation: the nutritionist cured herself and her husband by eating the proper foods. The spokesperson cured himself by introducing cysteine (one of the building blocks for Glutathione) back into his immune system. Different methods, same cure.
I'm just a mother trying to help her daughter. I wanted to share this information with some of the people suffering with CFS in hopes it will help you find your own cure. Thank you for reading this, I hope it will help someone somewhere.


Great post, Sue. :) Glad to hear of your daughter's recovery! There's loads of good information on Phoenix Rising, so maybe you can find more stuff that can help you both still more.

Congrats and good luck!
what lab tested for Lyme? Lab corp & quest miss Lyme bacterias over 50% of the time. It is very important to see a Lyme Literate md, who can test her blood thru a lab like Igenex and can interpret the results and treat accordingly. Her symptoms seem to be very similar to mine and it took me 8 years to get answers due to the misleading standard lab testing.
I personally think Cfs is Lyme disease although there is probably many other factors.Cytomegalovirus, Epstein bar,herpes viruses etc.
For General info there is a test that will definitively diagnose you with EBS for (syndrome) ,Why do I know this? Because I was in the original research and tested very high. The Co. is Epic Genetics ,( unique patterns found in Fibromyalgia.Dr Bruce Gillis, .It has been used in disability cases. Good luck.
Kungfudao, Thank you for your comment, which ultimately brought to light the fact that Lisa had tested positive for Epstein-Barr. Somehow in the rush to get her medical condition stabllized, that fact had been misplaced. I will read the information you recommended. Lisa is doing really well on the supplemention program we have her on now. If anyone else knows of a better plan, please advise us. Again, thank you, Sue.
Kungfudao, I read your research the best I could, it's complicated, but one statement stands out. Are you saying we are on the right track with Lisa's treatment . Immunological ? Sorry, I'm confused.

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