Field Trip: Musical Instrument Museum (MIM)

Somewhat surprisingly, I'd never actually been to the Music Instrument Museum - despite having collected, played, and recorded a wide variety of musical instruments for my own music-making purposes. So of course, I was just about due. And again, now that I'm capable of experiencing "out there" I am doing it as often as I can.

The set-up was the same (coax my ex-wife into arriving on time for the Dial-A-Ride transport). Soooo… I lied about the pickup time, and her arrival at my facility was perfectly timed!

Beyond that, there's not much to the story, other than the fact that I got to try out a multitude of multiple instruments in the music room. That was indeed the highlight for me. It was surprising how I was able to physically take on the task of making audible sounds via various fingering techniques and/or simply… banging away.

Here's an example of instruments played:





Frog Scraper


and a wide variety of drums and other percussion instruments

Note: I recorded each of the instruments I played, possibly for future use

In any case, joy was had by all -

When I originally called (in order to approximate the ideal trip duration), the woman at the museum explained that the average visit was three hours in duration. Well, we spent three and a half hours there and never made it to the second floor. So there's that. Of course I was distracted by all the hands-on instrument play.

Oh, and the pictures included herein reflect my interests. You'll see lots of guitars… but other instruments were in abundance, too.

Concert Zither -


Ravi Shankar -


The Who -


Kalliston (reed organ) -


Natural (Glenwood 95) -
Made in Chicago, but named after the suburban town where I was raised??? Not sure


Barrel Cactus/ MIM Courtyard -


Restoration Room -

You know what? It's flipping amazing that I get to go out in the real world and do real world things while meeting real world people on a semi-regular basis. Yes, it's beyond amazing that I've recovered to the extent that I can go ... OUT THERE.

Hope each of you is well,


HI Howard.....I'm glad that you're enjoying the wider world. Do you take your ex for a coffee afterward?

I know exactly which corner you hung around in the longest. The Who, of course....tell me if I'm wrong.

Anyway, glad that you enjoyed yourself and I'm quite certain that we don't have a Music Museum in Dallas. One up for Phoenix! Yours, Lenora
What the heck is a Frog Scraper?

A Frog Scraper it's pretty much a frog shaped hollow carved out piece, with bumps and ridges along the exterior spine having an opening at the ear hole for inserting the wooden drumstick.

The stick can be inserted and jostled around in order to make sound - and/or the stick can be used for scraping the bumps and ridges on the frog to make lightly percussive noises as well.

And I'm sure there are other versions of this instrument. But those are the two varieties I saw at the museum… ear hole versus non-ear hole.

Hopefully this is the blog you thought you posted?

Yes, this is the same blog entry. I was trying to post it in the bright daylight sunshine, and apparently I clicked on the wrong button.

Do you take your ex for a coffee afterward?

Nope, there was no coffee involved on our trek. Either way, she don't drink no coffee. She be a tea girl.

I know exactly which corner you hung around in the longest. The Who, of course....tell me if I'm wrong.

I was actually more or less unimpressed with the musician/band displays. I was kind of sort of hoping to see more avant-garde musicians represented, or experimental creators. And also, I had expectations beyond that, hoping to see other types of instruments used for recording.

But yeah, The Who and Ravi Shankar were my favorites!

I appreciate the comments 😊

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