Felt like doing some on a model railroad building from my part of our club's layout

And speaking of interrupted hobbies,

Finally this evening felt like doing some on a model railroad building from my part of our club's layout; had wanted to do this last week, or even the week before, but my health got in the way.
Had really wanted to do this last week so as to return building to the layout for our monthly open house yesterday but a nasty nausea-inducing headache occupied most of last week.
Oh well, such is life.

Building is made out of rearranged, "kitbashed", parts of a couple of buildings with additional parts in cardboard, wood, metal, plastic.

The loading dock 'in progress' is balsa wood with planks draw on via mechanical pencil then it was stained with thinned model paints, even inks will work.

What I wanted to make last week was a sign for each end of building. Will be located over a smaller window that kit directed to be installed at that location.
Sign will be made out of styrene plastic sheet and strip then painted and lettered.

The same plastics as used in model kits, styrene and the less common ABS, are available in sheets, strips, bars, rods, tubes, structural shapes, 7 wood, ceramic, metal, brick, textures.

Here's a photo story about the thing.
Those 1978 high school drafting tools still come in handy!

IMG_912450.jpg IMG_912550.jpg IMG_912650.jpg IMG_912750.jpg IMG_912850.jpg IMG_912950.jpg IMG_913050.jpg


Excellent! keep it going, always loved to see the talent building a layout. We do a large G scale villiage at christmas time.

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