Feeling dehydrated despite large consumption of water

Hi, I am confused and frustrated with my lack of understanding and knowledge regarding this observation/issue and would appreciate any insight...

I’ve been feeling super thirsty for several months now with out the ability to feel hydrated. I drink at least 2 gallons of water a day. My skin is very dry even with lotion, which is unusual because I normally have oily skin.

I have recently added extra salt to my meals as an experiment which has seemed to have helped some. I am unsure what is causing this and neither does my doctor.

I have POTS which might have nothing or something to do with it. I know my medication is not causing this problem nor consuming to much coffee or tea. The weather is not causing this either. I feel stuck.

I am now thinking some type of electrolyte imbalance and yet have no idea how to know if this theory is accurate. By understanding my need for an excessive amount of water that still leaves me thirsty. My goal is to hopefully improve my constant need for drinking water every few minutes to have a more balanced system.

If anyone has any experience with this issue or has any feedback. I would greatly appreciate it:)


I have kidney issues, I have to add electrolytes to my water quite a bit. Vega makes a tasty electrolyte. You can also add a pinch of Himalayan Pink Sea Salt to your water, just don't overdo it. What did your kidney tests reveal? Dehydration will make you feel weak, unable to stand for too long very thirsty. My kidneys wash out my electrolytes because I have a low amount of hormone to concentrate my urine and return the needed electrolytes to my blood stream. It's called diabetes insipidus. There is a treatment called Vessopressin the doc might put you on. I get my kidneys checked fairly often because I also had high Creatinine. It's also good to have blood sugar checked out because it can effect your kidney function. Good luck! (And please go to the doc if you haven't already, low electrolytes can be life-threatening in some cases and a sign of things like kidney cancer, a tumor or something very seriously wrong!)
Have you thought of Sjogren's Syndrome? I have cfids and sjogren's. I always carry water with me. Sjogrens attacks the salivary glands and other moisture producing glands so it makes your mouth dry.

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