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Favorite Place

My favorite place to be is in my pool...which is where I feel the best! It's the best place to visit with a friend or read a book. There I exercise by swimming and stretching without stress on my body. It cools down my furnace body. And best of all, it provides alone time for thinking and praying.

My pool is a gift from God that I don't take for granted. My prayer for my fellow CFS bloggers is that you too will have access to a pool without a crowd in it all the time. Amidst all the medications, supplements, treatments I've tried over my 16 years with CFS...deep sleep (helped by meds) and my pool have brought me the greatest relief!

I am also so very grateful to Cort and the others who manage the Phoenix Rising website and this forum/blog. As an "old lady" of 56, I am new to blogging. I hope what I have shared here is appropriate.

Resting In Him : )


Look at this nice blog you've made! Nice picture!

Isn't that's something - after all the things we all try sometimes it's the most basic and the most calming - that work the best. Would that we had better treatments - but at least some things do help; often they seem to be whatever 'pools' or places of peace that people find in their lives. Thanks for that thought.
Resting in Him,

A pool would be wonderful. I hope this prayer of yours is answered for the rest of us. :)

As to being an old lady, you are no older than many of us. I will be 54 next month. I'm also an "old lady" who is just learning recently about blogging. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? We are learning all the time. :D

Your profile picture is great. It would be terrific as your avatar on the threads of the forum too. I love being able to see everyone who is posting here.

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