Famvir trial (day 5)

So this is day 5 of my famvir trial. I went up to 250mg twice a day yesterday. Still quite strong flu like symptoms but they come and go and are not persistent. I've only had one fever on day 3 which occurred after dosing not before. Today I feel slightly similar in that I am a bit hot again but not burning up like I was on day 3 - so the famvir seems to be doing it's job, as I never felt quite this bad on beta glucans or Inosine.

As soon as I took 250mg yesterday morning my pharyngitis completely resolved. So the EBV must have caused the pharyngitis - I can't believe it really - ebv must have been causing my tonsillitis outbreaks every single year. Or twice a year sometimes!

Today the pharyngeal symptoms have come back (mildly) 2 hours after my initial dose. I am not sure if I am meant to take famvir with food for higher bioavailability or not. I am also due to get bloods end of the month to check I'm healthy.

Also as I have removed reishi and oat bran now because I don't need it, that should mean all of my bad markers on my blood tests resolve.

One symptom that is MUCH better so far is mouth ulcers. Now I don't get mouth ulcers because of a virus I get them because my mouth gets dry due to lowered immune function (sometimes when sick...sometimes because of ebv) and that causes a very sharp tooth in my mouth to create an ulcer on my tongue. Dentists can't do anything about it. A brace would cost thousands of pounds. But the thing is since I started the famvir after day 2 I haven't been able to get an ulcer and the tooth is really sharp!! I find this amazing.

Also after dosing my pharyngeal symptoms subside or dissappear. I am still at low doses. I've ordered more and will double my dose when that arrives.

Brain fog is my only real concern, so far it's not great for about an hour after dosing, also fatigue is worse for an hour after dosing. I do still feel a bit "drugged" half of the day.

I woke up thismorning with quite a lot of energy - which was weird! As I got 8 hours sleep. The side effects for famvir have been almost neglible compared to valtrex - valtrex was hell by comparison....real night and day differences. And I only had to take 250mg valtrex for that to happen. So I am hoping the famvir will be a slow burn and the dizziness/brain fog will gradually resolve to nothing over many months.

Lerner's valtrex patients saw resolution after about 3 to 6 months, but some patients saw improvement within a month. I also found a load of success stories on an old forum, primarily patients who saw dr lerner and went onto live normal lives or operate at 80%. Unless I have bad blood test results or bad long term blood test results, I think this drug might be a winner.


Yeah and after 12 Month only 20% needed to contiune Valtrex rest recovered.
Famvir, valaciclovir, penciclovir, ganciclovir all inhibit ebv. You have to take it Long enough till your immune System can fight on its own again and get the Virus into latency.
Hey @DrUniverse

Yep it's going to take awhile. But I'm convinced now that it's way stronger than the immune modulation from beta glucans and reishi combined. Which is maybe not surprising. I'll definitely be on it 12 months. I think max I can afford is prob 1.5g to 2g per day. It does cause agitated stimulation though so taking it before bed could be very tricky.

At any rate yes if it's surpressed then it should work. I do wonder if the oat bran got me into a place where the ebv was surpressed as of June to October last year and then when I got the flu vaccine and mRNA booster and then a virus and a cold it just gradually knocked me back so that the ebv went up again. I'm trying to get the tests for cmv and hhv-6 to rule those out as causative. Hopefully my GP will fill the referal in.

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