Famvir (stopped at day 9)

Stopped for 24 hours. Infection in throat/neck much better but still comes back in the evening so definitely not gone. I've got antibiotics on the way but won't receive for a week.

This is very similair to my June throat infection. The difference being that one was fungal I think or candida albicans and only needed 2 days of low dose clindamycin to die off. But I had an allergic reaction and my doctor never allowed me to take more. I believe this did me no favours.

I often feel better not worse taking antibiotics for these throat infections that I get. But it could also be an underlying factor of my ME too. An NHS gp told me two years ago that bacterial resistant doesn't happen if you take antibiotics for 5 to 10 days at a time. Only if you take them for very long periods of time or I assume too short a period to clear the infection. So that gives me hope that taking more won't make me severely ill.

But yes still feeling bloody awful. Fatigue, sore throat (milder now), no tonsil pain anymore and no tonsil swelling, phlegm production from infection is down a lot. But the fatigue is bad. Energy envelope is trashed and my head spins if I go out.

Funny thing is I've realised that many of my symptoms could all be attributed to bacteria.

There's a lady on s4me.info who treated her ME with a very potent and rather dangerous anti microbial called bactrim. It's dangerous because it has some really terrible side effects if you're unlucky. However after 2 years she was in remission. She works full time at an nhs pain clinic and she exercises vigorously. Even goes on hikes.

So it makes me wonder maybe it's the bacteria not the viruses that are causing the ebv to replicate. I may actually be looking in the wrong place.

However taking antibiotics for life seems risky from a resistance perspective. She takes them on the NHS because she has immunodeficiency in her igg subclasses.



I tried but nope, they said it's a self limiting illness.

I guess other people might say this is viral, if that's true or if its viral and bacterial then the famvir must have caused a viral re-activation, which makes zero sense to me without some sort of co-infection blocking the treatment from working.
Funny im a longtime on the edge of trying bactrim.
Bacterial Infections might play a big role, could be the reason why the immune System cant "win" the fight against ebv, cmv etc
Yep that's my second possibility, some sort of bacterial resistant strain, or multiple bacteria + lyme are stopping my immune system from behaving normally.

500mg famvir twice a day has got rid of my sore throat, dry mouth, mouth ulcers (due to eating various foods due to a dental issue), energy levels aren't worse or better.
Downsides: feel tired, especially around the eyes, feel mentally whacked (like really wired but tired), currently insomnia at this higher dose, not quite got it under control yet. Neck stiffness goes away after dosing, seems to come back 5 hours after dosing.
I re-started teh famvir at a higher dose 3 days ago, to suppress reactivations as it was either ebv reactivation the first time or an infection, could easily have been both!
It's been 3 days since I restarted and I'd say so far so good, phlegm production has reduced.
In fact I actually woke up with dry throat and sinuses thismorning, like how you feel after a really bad cold? I wondered if it was bad cells being killed off by the drug, which now need to be replaced.

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