Famvir (re-started Day 7 750mg once a day)

Yesterday I moved Famvir to the AM (9am) and took 750mg. 750mg lasts in blood serum for 13 hours, so that's plenty to get through the day, of course it's below the IC50, but I cannot sleep if I take any after 9am, and if I go below 500mg a dose it simply isn't active or effective enough.

Long story short I've stopped Famvir today because even though I slept better I got a very bad sore throat in the night and while I think the Famvir is actually working for me!! The side effects are just too much. Once blood serum hits peak at about 90 to 120 minutes, I become incredibly dizzy for about an hour or so and then just really tired and unable to do any work for about 3hours after that. This means I loose 4 working hours a day unable to concentrate or work due to feeling so tired and dizzy.

Of course the tiredness might go with time, but I think the dizziness is highly likely to be the drug hitting my CNS.

So now I am hoping to keep all of my gains on Famvir by moving back onto the joshua leisk protocol. I've added copper and zinc in 3mg/50mg ratio to try and increase my copper and zinc, as both are chelated by oat bran and I had no idea, which makes me think my copper and zinc have been going rather low pretty regularly for ages. Nune first pointed this out to me as a possible cause of my neutropenia. I would really LOVE it if that was the case, as the neutropenia could be caused by a virus or a bacterial infection and treating the viruses is going to be difficult without a new drug with less side effects (there is possibly one on the horizon) and bacteria prob requires bactrim or an equivalent broad spectrum antibiotic (there's another one starting with t that's much safer). Alternatives would be to take doxy as well and see how that went down.

But I don't want to really nuke my gut flora again so I am going to try and stay away from these ideas.

Famvir was much better tolerated and if I didn't work I'd absolutely take it for 6 months at 500mg twice a day.

My throats really sore today, no idea why, could be pollen but it does hurt a fair bit.
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Not to forget NAC chelates also. Esp in higher doses.
I dont know if beta glucan alone can supress the Virus to the point where it gets back in latency.
But i never took it continuous.

Famvir is probably low neurotoxic as the others are.
Since I stopped the ALA my iron levels have been rock solid though.

As for the zinc and copper they are certainly v hard to measure. Even so I'm going to start taking zinc and copper at alternate times and hopefully that way it won't get chelated and I can get it into my body.

That might fix the neutropenia.

All I know is that I was feeling really very well in August and felt well for about 6 months last year. So in my case it must work.
One thing I've noticed is that 48 hours after stopping fatigue is back and sore throats very bad. Although beta glucans and reishi are agfrevatinf the ebv.

The real difference with the beta glucan approach is that ultimately it does kill ebv cells but it takes months to work. The same as famvir essentially. It slowly works on latent infection.

They are the same but the difference is quite clear. When a reactivation event occurs famvir is probably the only antiviral strong enough to sustain remission. Whereas beta glucans can't do that and they fail for a few weeks. Which means every relapse event (vaccines) means we take 3 months to recover each time. May also make neutropenia worse too.

One thing I found out today is that Teva pharma produce a generic famvir which everyone says is better. This generic is based on the Novartis generic. Novartis costs twice the price but I can purchase that from Canada. Maybe it will have fewer side effects.
When people took valtrex in the past they discussed some generics having more side effects. But I cannot find the thread anywhere for it.
According to my htma analysis I was binding the same amount of copper in 2018 as I was in 2021 and I was binding double the amount of zinc in 2018 than in 2021. But that could be off due to shampoo etc.

Anyway a urine test would be the only way to know I think.

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