Famvir (re-started Day 3 500mg twice a day)

So I restarted and it's now day 3.

Too soon to really tell if it's overall going to help or not. The drug makes me feel whacked, I wake up feeling pretty good on the whole, maybe even a little bit more well each day? Hard to say yet.

I still get quite a bit of mucous and phlegm at the back of my throat in the mornings after dosing, but not nearly as bad as it was initially. No idea what this is or was.

The drug itself sort of makes me feel tired but wired, this was the same issue with valtrex. In the end I crashed on valtrex and it took me a few weeks to recover. Quite possible the same thing could happen on famvir. But 1g per day appears to be working which is good news.

Also I am experiencing mood swings and anger issues at this 1g per day dose.

I have been experiencing some joint and muscle aches over the last 24 hours. My neck is still tight/swollen 4 or 5 hours after dosing, but goes away when I take more. Sore throat has completely gone now, ulcers are still non existent and no dry mouth symptoms.

The wired feeling isn't that nice though on the whole, I am taking GSE too which could be potentiating the drug.

At any rate the fact that my tonsils are not swollen (so far) this time, I am not experiencing a drop in energy (like I did before) and there are no reactivation or infection symptoms is probably really good news.

My only hope if nothing else is that famvir will allow my immune system to clear a lot of ebv infected cells, so that I do see improvement over the next few months. As I may or may not have to discontinue famvir when I start a new job in June.


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