Famvir (day 9)

Famvir summary for those who need a quick review: Positives so far:
  1. my canker sores of about 4 years seem to have vanished in the last week, I've drank fruit juice (cranberry), eaten crisps and I have had spicy foods and all sorts - even had some pizza! I have yet to experience a single canker sore and my back teeth were incredibly sharp the first few days I was on famvir. I can only assume that hsv1 or 2 was causing them.
  2. I have a blood red circular patch of skin inside my mouth, hsv1/2? Which has been there for several days, no idea what it is.
  3. My fatigue was better until day 8 when it started to get worse.
  4. No abdominal issues so far since I started treatment - this may not mean much on the whole.

I woke up on Friday morning feeling unwell, just felt like I was coming down with something really. But also felt nauseous and generally sick. That got worse after breakfast and I took the day off work.

I felt more or less ok but unwell all day Friday.

Saturday woke up feeling not too great, worse in terms of energy and more tired. Started dosing again but this time took 6g oat bran. I didn't seem to have any neck inflamation that day and I think the increased immune modulation from the oat bran must have helped somehow. Still I also think oat bran might be anti inflamatory on the immune system. Hard to say exactly what mode brings down neck inflamation.

Brain fog was very bad on saturday and then I realised in the afternoon that my tonsils were not great, did an lft because my throat had been sore all day, which was negative. But poking my tonsils made me realised how inflamed they were! Turned out my right tonsil was really swollen. Omicron BA2 based on about 5 reports appears to not show up on a lateral flow test for up to 6 days. This seems to be the case whether you suffer mild symptoms or not and doesn't matter what age you are, you can be 18 or 60 with the same 6 day delay. 6 days is insane, I don't think the UK or europe or anyone realises how bad BA2 is compared to the other strains. BA3 is supposedly way way worse, but it's not yet dominant anywhere.

At any rate I had tonsil pain (tonsillitis pain) and swelling in that area (right tonsil) all day saturday. So I went to bed that night a bit worried.

Woke up about 4am and took 2g andrographis paniculata whole leaf. Long story short I had tonsillitis in dec 2019 (all through christmas for 12 days) and it was just viral in nature. However I now realise going on famvir that all my tonsillitis episodes are prob triggered by ebv lytic replication, it could also be a strep strain but famvir should allow me to figure out which it is. I took the andrographis, fell back to sleep and the swelling was certainly dented. By the morning it had gone down, took a second dose after breakfast 2g again whole leaf by Pukka herbs and it came down again. I'm still producing a ton of mucus though of a whitish colour, or off white.

So today I didn't take any famvir (I might try 125mg just to see if it makes symptoms worse, if it does then it must be some sort of die off) - equally it could be another virus competing and it's allowing it to proliferate. My immune system is SO weird I would not be surprised. But the amount of mucous today and yesterday is nuts, plus my nose is partially blocked and snotty. Essentially I have ALL the symptoms of BA2, inc flu like symptoms.

I went to get a PCR an hour ago, should get the results tomorrow which should put it to bed as to whether I have BA2 or not.

I'm going to take andrographis whole leaf in the meantime until this (I assume it's an infection) clears, or I get my covid negative result and then will continue.

I did also try to take more famvir last night (saturday) in the evening, to my knowledge that certainly didn't help, but it doesn't appear to have made it worse either.

If I can take famvir and andro I'll do that to keep bacteria in check.


Assuming it's not covid I think I've found the culprit:


Our old friend oxidative stress, which was apparently very high in children who had chronic tonsillitis. Considering I take about 7 or 8 OS scavengers I am not surprised it's worse on antivirals, if the body is overwhelmed by OS I do think everything slows down, which would also increase levels of physical fatigue too.

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