Famvir (day 6)

So I've been re-reading the old lerner threads and anything I can get my hands on to remind myself how the drug works and theories etc.

It occured to me last night that taking an immune modulator with valtrex would surely speed up the entire process? Yes the patient would feel even sicker probably than if they hadn't taken it but it might shorten the duration of therapy before an amelioration (if at all) of symptoms is seen.

My fatigue seems to be in very good check lately. I had fatigue last night in my upper arms which was strange and thismorning in my legs (that hasn't really gone fully but it's not causing me issues).

So I woke up thismorning feeling horrible, I had fatigue, all the symptoms of a virus or a cold but I DID NOT have pharygeal symptoms. Anyway I trusted the famvir, took that with 1 tablespoon beta glucans and didn't experience any improvement. Whereas when I had the temperature and pharangeal symptoms, taking famvir worked within 40 minutes. Within an hour the symptoms were gone.

On a side note I did have a very mild sore throat (almost like a tiny ball in my throat) last night and thismorning, which did go after taking famvir.

So yes I am going to take famvir and beta glucans. I'll stop the beta glucans after 3 months. In theory if the beta glucans do what there meant to do they will speed up abortive infection and maybe even b cell clearance (speculative). What should happen after that is that the famvir should then take over and supress the viruses from replicating and in the case of ebv re-infecting b cells. I know I definitely went backwards since october and I believe it's because things re-activated and then they re-infected lots of tissues which the immune system struggled to then quickly control and clear.

Basically what I am doing here is replacing reishi mushroom with famvir. Reishi costs about £100 a month on joshua's protocol, maybe even £120 (I did the rough maths last night) and famvir costs about £130 to 190 per month - that's a dose of 500mg 3x a day or every 6 hours. So really there's no overall cost benefit however there's a specific potency benefit, which is worth taking charge of, for those of us who's immune systems have had it famvir of valcyte are prob the only drugs potent enough to deal with the viruses.

Also I find it weird how my ebv came back in full when I attacked it with famvir...I think this may have been kicked off by a crash on day 3, however I can't be certain. I've never had my cd 3 4 8 or 56 so I haven't a clue what my immune cells look like, but assuming the patient had them low enough, then it might make sense why these strong drugs would work. However if the patient had near normal levels of these t and nk cells, then maybe reishi mushroom and beta glucans would be enough? This could explain why I actually benefited from the joshua leisk protocol where almost no one else did.


Are you getting the fevers often from any of this?

I just can't seem to get a true fever from anything I've tried. I mean, even though they feel really awful to have one, I always remember feeling better afterwards.

I think something about this disease suppresses them unfortunately.

Edit: Oops, sorry, just saw your post from yesterday where you mentioned "only getting a fever on day 3..." :headslap:
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Just one fever so far with ebv symptoms at day 3 or 4. Today it's more of a low temperature really, but I also feel nauseous and generally "off". Unsure if this is ME or covid. Will keep testing for covid.

No I've never experienced a proper fever either, not sure why.
Just found this from a post Charles Shepherd made:

Montoya et al 2013:


In this trial Montoya et al randomized (2:1) 30 ME/CFS patients with elevated IgG antibody titres against HHV-6 and EBV to receive valganciclovir (VGCV) or placebo for 6 months in a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Statistically significant differences between groups were observed in mental fatigue subscores and cognitive function. The VGCV patients experienced improvements within the first three months and maintained that benefit for the remaining 9 months. In the VGCV arm monocyte counts decreased, neutrophil counts increased, and cytokines were more likely to evolve towards a Th-1 profile.

Now I know this is valgan but if famvir is doing the same thing with immune system balance and nk function that would 100% explain why we feel worse for many months taking these drugs. As the immune system would start to normalise for the first time in ages.

@DrUniverse what do you think?
It does feel like the famvir is working. Feels like when I first took the reishi and beta glucan combo, I could feel it working in the nerve tissue and other areas. Sort of the same gig this time. Yep definitely going to take awhile before I know whether it's working.

My main concern is the brain "whacked" feeling at this dosage. Maybe I can get away with 250mg as a maintenance dose in the future. Hard to say.

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