Family trip

So I have been pushing my limits, I wanted to provoke a small crash, not a full on crash but one of those 4hours, I wanted to test my new limits, how much I can do before I get a crash.

I am happy to report that I have not have one!!! And I have push my limits a lot. I have been on the gym everyday about this week. I did 30min bike and 30min weights. I have gone to the groceries, I went on a family trip to a water park!!! 2.5h drive, I did all the rides and was upright most of the time. We spent about 5h, then got shower and out for dinner. During the trip I took 3 rests periods of about 10min to 15min each. Today I took a nap of 2h. I was tired overall but so was my husband, I was like normal tired, Something I haven't feel in a long time.

I think treating OI has been a blessing and the difference between feeling dead (and going through the motions) Vs feeling alive. I think if you do not find one treatment that fits you for OI, you have to try until one find something for OI because it really makes a difference.

I am doing so well that I am starting work Tuesday. My family and I are so happy to be able to go out again and just share as a family, I have been so self involved that I didn't realized how much they have been affected and have things they have to pass on because of me.

I am happy but also afraid, now that I taste liberty and freedom from CFS HELLLLL because is what it is, I am afraid to relapse so I am going to take it easier and not push my luck.


Doing the HAPPY DANCE for you!!!! This is so awesome, I may be found outside on the sidewalk doing the happy dance.

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