Facing the Memories

Hi PR family!!
I thought I would post on my old blog. Memories that I have recently had to face. I have felt sad.....but excepted them.

I think a lot of you know I am a major horse lover! Once ME kicked me in the butt, I had to sell my horse. I'll never forget him though.

Horses are on my mind constantly...everyday at some time...it amazes me actually. Does anyone else have something that they know they love but had to give them up?

So I want to ride again. The memories I have of riding just fill my heart! I would like to try and see how I do. I wonder.....am I setting myself up for a big disappointment? Or more good memories.

I believe with ME we need to try the things we long for when we're not sure if we are able. We should never give up trying.

I know that I'm one of the fortunate ones. I can still try. Some of us are not able to do something so Big as riding a horse or even leave the house.

I hope you can find what would make you smile to try. Make a memory no matter how small you think it is.. If it makes you smile than it's really good! Maybe coloring, maybe calling someone you miss ( short call ). Take a nice picture of something that makes you smile. You took the picture! It's your memory.

So I will try to ride a horse. Right now I have to wait for a day I feel best..( Plus not so hot and humid). After all I have to drive there and home too.....we have to think of all that affects us don't we.

Maybe I'll just get to hug the horse, watch someone else riding. Take a picture. I'll take it....
not my hopes but I will still smile!!

Big Hugs to all,


Lovely blog @pen2! I have never ridden, but I love spending time with donkeys. Animals are so healing, I think that even a horse hug would be joyful...and yes, Abit sad for what you can't now do, but joyful nevertheless. I so agree about making good memories. I look forward to seeing the pic of you hugging a horse on one of your blogs!:)
I like your blog very much too @Pen2. I love dogs but because of being alone daren't take on another dog. This illness has shown me anything can happen to me. So I love to meet dogs and they like me very much and that's all I can do. I daren't leave a dog all alone if something more serious happened or I died. (Used to think I was immortal! LOL)

Yes do try to ride a horse. Why not? You obviously have such a good bond with horses, I am sure for them it would be a pleasure. Go for it. God bless.
So happy to get responses, that we all have old memories we need to make new.
@Wolfclub, keep hugging your dog friends, it sounds so good. Not only do you feel happy but those dogs are so happy. I can see their tails a wagging! Maybe you can get a picture of your hugging.

@hellytheelaphant I love donkeys too!! I just love animals. I agree, animals are such good therapy.

We should all share our new memory pictures. I would love to see them!
Right now it's too humid to ride. We all know humidity is not our friend!
Hopefully ill try soon. I am riding... or hugging... a horse named, Wilbur....how cute is that! How can I not hug a Wilbur!

I know what you mean about thinking we were immortal @Wolfcub! Now I have to make my memories different than others who are not sick. These memories are even more special than theirs.....because we are warriors...!! Fighting a disease that trys to ruin good memories! We can't and won't let it!! Smile today! You're perfectly and wonderfully made.

Big Hugs!!

@hellytheelaphant....I always loved your blog too. You're an amazing artist!
Hi @Pen2, I know this was posted a while ago now but couldn't resist replying because... I'm gonna try and get on a horse some time in the next couple of months!! I miss riding so much, and just being around horses. I'm moderately affected so I'm not sure how it's gonna go but I'll let you know :):):)
Did you end up riding after the humidity eased?
what a lovely message. 'hugging wilbur' and/or 'hugging a horse' should become iconic shorthand in me/cfs-speak for that particular form of self-care...staying whole by keeping connected to life and your personal methods of feeling most alive. I'm going to think on this as one of mine is dancing and this has--as you might imagine--proved challenging. thanks for reaffirming that finding a version which can still fit from time to time at least is a challenge well worth rising to!
incidentally, have you and @kelle both enjoyed the film about the welsh village and their 'dark horse' {title]? I've not been moved quite so much by a film in some while-- so heartfelt.

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