eye problems with CFS

I am getting severe eye problems like eye pain, dry eye, nerves are visible on the white portion etc. Any body experienced eye problems? Is there any treatment helped you?


I have problems with my eyes, which are from stress related Dry eye syndrome. They burn, are dry and sometimes I feel like someone is pushing on my right eyeball. I use good eye drops in vials ( i like Tears Naturale by Alcon) and if they are so dry that I can't stand it I use Unisol 4 to get me through.
I have had eye problems in the past, mainly dry gritty eyes and severe seye pain. The eye pain is usually in one eye and is very severe. If I touch the eyelid it hurts a lot. I have also had blurred vision, on and off, not related to eyesight on tests. The blurred vision is much worse if I over do things. Since my overall M.E improved I have not had as many problems - although my eyes often look bloodshot.
About 5 yrs ago, I had symptoms of a detaching retina. Since two siblings had the operation I was watched closely, so far nothing has happened. Even the dr seems stumped. I understand it is a symptom of EDS and I have more than a few. Surprisingly enough my eyesight hasn't changed much in 20 yrs.
I had to stop wearing contacts . But even with glasses , it felt like something was in my eye . I plucked
my eye lids and it helped . Why ? I have no idea .
My vision gets blurry when I am tired, especially if I have been using my eyes a lot.

I had been taking 25,000 IU/day vitamin A for macular degeneration. The formula was changed, so I was titrating the vit. A down. When I got to 10,000 IU/day I started getting floaters and my eyes got 'tired' more easily. I am now back up to 20,000 IU/day and the problems have disappeared.

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