Excuse me for an hour while I do some space geeking with this from NASA about their new spacesuits

Hey Y'all;
Excuse me for about an hour while I do some space geeking with this presentation from NASA about their new spacesuits;
https://images.nasa.gov/details-NHQ_2019_1015_Introducing Artemis Generation Spacesuits
Introducing Artemis Generation Spacesuits
Media was invited to NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C. to get an up-close look at the next generation spacesuits the first woman and next man to explore the Moon will wear as part of the agency’s Artemis program. NASA is preparing to send astronauts to the Moon by 2024 and is moving forward with design and development of the suits astronauts will wear on the lunar surface and other destinations, including Mars. The public event took place on Tuesday, Oct. 15 and featured NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, who hosted a demonstration with spacesuit engineers.
And the 54 minute video can even be downloaded with captioning! :)
NASA spacesuits.jpg

If you are in to books, this from the Smithsonian in 1994 is quite good;
About the author:
Lillian Dzmura Kozloski
Ms. Kozloski worked for the Museum in the Space History Department from 1977 through 1995. She began as a secretary and through promotions became a museum specialist with chief duties of caring for the space suit collection.
She researched and produced a book, published by the Smithsonian Press, about the history and development of space suits, and sorted the collection into a preservation, loan and exhibit group. It was her responsibility as well as honor, to care for this collection of icons from the space program.
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Oh, while they are talking space industry in general and employment opportunities with NASA, I'm going to pause it and come back to say that this from the other day is interesting, especially how Paula got involved,
Who Works At NASA? What It Means To Be a NASA Employee
Oct 12, 2019
NASA Goddard
Paula Cain, Joy Ng and Geronimo Villanueva tell the story of how life led them to NASA and share what qualities make a great NASA employee.
I really really used to want to be an astronaut.....my grasp of astrophysics let me down ! :aghhh:

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