Excercise day 1. Tired 12pm to 2pm

so I didn’t do as well as the last shot, or might Be since I am doing so
Much and quit basically most pills.
My sleep have been not so good for the past few days. I have been stuffed up but don’t think is a cold. Who knows!
I am getting tired from 12pm to 2pm rest of the time I am ok. So I am going to make sure not to skip my nap at noon. This is how my cFs started so is interesting. Also I was not restricting calories ( was very bad but I noticed more energy from new food) now I will try to keep it reasonable on calories even if energy suffers.
I walked 1mile on treadmill really slow pace 2.0 took me about 30min. But I will take it easy to start and low and slow.
I feel a bit of head burning maybe, very mild but PEM IS there for sure. But I feel energized and a high so Good!!! Gosh I missed my excercise.
Washed my hair and doing my dinner after that Will just rest all night. Very happy today w my progress.


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