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Excellent template for work or insurance documentation of ME/CFS

I have been on long term disability for ME/CFS, had to deal with school boards for children with ME/CFS and often seen ad-hoc reports created by well meaning MDs. These situations are often legal situations and not medical treatment scenarios — I have seen reports missing the mark — often, making it more difficult to get needed and appropriate support.
Personally I really like page 4: “11.l To what degree can your patient tolerate work stress?”
The 4 page form below was shared by a friend, and I am reposting it here because I believe many people would benefit from it. I would love to see it translated into other languages (if you translate it — please send it to me as a word document and I will include it on my site).

Link to a Word version of below.

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My inability to tolerate work stress and interact appropriately with colleagues was something that was discussed in my medical records as well as at my hearing with the judge. It was something that my attorney knew was a factor in determining disability and so she was sure to ask my doctors this, among a few other things. Indeed, the judge did ask me about these things. I was unaware that this was a point of consideration.

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