Evil Spirit Therapy for CFS: a satirical chant.

Many of the old pagan and shamanistic religions recognize the existence of spirits. Spirits can't be seen, but they can be sensed. Every tree and rock has a spirit. So do people.

The mind is really spirit. So diseases of the mind are spirits. If CFS is a mental disease, it is a spiritual disease. Evil spirits abound, it is why Christianity had exorcisms, and many shamans can also dispel evil spirits. What is the mind but spirit? Can you take it out and measure it? If you damage the brain your damage the mind, it is no longer a fit home for your spirit. If you are infected with an evil spirit, it harms your instrinsic spirit and this manifests as physical disease.

Some psychiatrists claim that CFS is a mental disorder. Yet after most of a century of research they have failed to find the mental cause, instead offering up numerous and constantly changing views of "mental" causation. They have missed the world of spirits, which were recognized by humankind long before we had civilization.

Spirits are sensitive beings. Some don't like being lectured. If you are fortunate enough to be a CFS patient with such a spirit, talk therapies drive it out.

Some spirits don't like pain and exhaustion. These spirits can be driven out by subjecting the body to exhausting physical regimens that cause considerable pain.

Traditional spiritualists combine the two, with tormenting chants and physical abuse. Most spirits are driven out by these. Exorcisms are similar. Combining mental and physical abuse of the spiritually sick, as practiced by some psychiatrists, sometimes eliminates the spirits.

These same psychiatrists claim to recognise the indivisibility of mind and body, yet they put undue empasis on mind. They should be examining spirit.

Can a psychiatric "mental" disease cause the genetic defects often found in CFS? Can they cause the severe immune dysfunctions almost universally found? Can they cause the profound physical incapacity shown to exist when a patient is subjected to intense physical exercise two days in a row? Can they cause the severe failing of heart expansion routinely found in CFS? Can there cause the severe vitamin deficiencies, including functional deficiencies? Can they cause the rare cancers commonly found in CFS patients? I don't think so. Spirits are both physical and mental - they can explain all these things and more. Are not spirits present in all physical things, even rocks and trees. Spirits are intrinsic to all that exists, therefore both physical and mental ailments can be eliminated by driving out evil spirits.

After most of a century focusing on mind, without having found any concrete evidence they are right, it is time to abandon psychiatry and look to spirituality as a cure.

What of drugs? Spirits are sensitive - poison the body and some will leave. It is why shamans drug those with disease, to poison the body so the evil spirit cannot stay. Put not your faith in potions, realize they are all just poisons, their only purpose is to drive away the evil spirits.

When psychiatrists add drugs, they are arming themselves with the third branch of spirit banishing. Psychological abuse, physical abuse, and finally poisoning will drive many spirits away. Psychiatry should look to the wisdom of the shamans who have been treating such diseases for so many millenia that history no longer recalls when it started.

When verbal, physical and drug abuse fail to drive out a spirit, the psychiatrists are right in saying they need to do more of the same. Some spirits require even more intense abuse with further poisoning and damaging of their new home. Increase the exercise, chant louder, and give even more toxic drugs in larger doses. These are the paths to cure.

These same psychiatrists I speak of have abandoned their ancient religions and adopted the trappings of science, but it is clear from their chants and abuse that they know the truth. They should rise up and throw off the shackles of science, and acknowledge that which they really practice: Shamanism.

So I say welcome to the shamans of the Psychiatric Realm, abandon your brothers and join with your fellow shamans to rid the world of evil spirits! Let us torment and abuse the spirits away. Together we can rid the world of fatiguing spirits, rid the world of CFS - Chronic Fatigue Spirits.

Signed .... a closet shaman,
name withheld to protect the spiritual.


As a sister who may be haunted by bad spirit let them flee from me and go to the psychiatrists and convert them to human or drive them mad with consistency. Steps off the page chanting :) Hugs Alex ~Sleepy
Quite scary with their "brainwashing" attempts too - I wish I had the energy to respond to the "it's all in your mind" at the time with a "and so are you at the moment unfortunately" - try chanting elsewhere.
You stop short of the truth. People on this forum have wondered why explanations of psychosomatic illness don't include psychosomatic death. If they didn't remove every fatal affliction from the psychosomatic category, they could just as easily tell you someone pointed a bone at you.

Strangely, people who commit suicide after psychiatric treatment are not considered victims of malpractice despite evidence bad therapists can cause suicide. In this respect alone, the mentally ill are given full responsibility for their own actions. (Check on what Hemingway went through in the weeks before his suicide.)

Another problem is the bland self-assurance of those who dispense their ineffective wisdom to sick people. If our problems are the result of bad genes, bad parenting, bad immune response to common pathogens, etc. how is this different from bad karma?
Can you take it out and measure it?
Interestingly, you can measure it. Ive forgotten now what it weighs. But there was a study (studies) done where they weighed dying people and their weight immediately after death...and got the weight of spirits.

The mind is really spirit. So diseases of the mind are spirits. If CFS is a mental disease, it is a spiritual disease.
The mind is only PART OF ones spirit, the spirit encompasses more then just a persons mind.

Spirits or even ones own spirit, can cause sickness.. not necessarily manifesting in mental sickness but ones spirit may cause physical sickness as well. Many shamans aknowledge that spiritual sickness need not be mental.

If CFS is a mental disease, it is a spiritual disease.
ME isnt a mental disease but it could be said by some to be a spiritual disease. In many belief systems including Shamanism, ALL diseases have some kind of spiritual cause (be it by karma or whatever).
I have an awful feeling Silverblade the Psycho approach to them would reveal more of their own Freudian problems than anyone elses.
On the biopsychosocial, they routinely dismiss the bio-, and rarely discuss the -social, so I guess that means their theory is mostly psycho. I prefer to think of them as looney myself, so maybe we should be calling it biolooneysocial theory. I enjoyed writing this blog, it expresses my feelings as a patient. Bye, Alex
Looks like my wallet has some evil spirits which need expelling. Evil spirits have faces on them, oh look there goes the one that looks like Darwin.

Edit: (That's a current £10 note in the UK)
Still not accepted the biospiritosocial model of all illness hey Alex? Did you know there's an evil spirit aspect of every illness?
"Every tree and rock has a spirit."

"...but I know every rock and tree and creature...." LOL sorry couldn't resist.

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