eserine salicylate or physostigmine

I used to take this drug for years. At first a neurologist gave me the prescription. Afterwards my home practitioner went on with the drug. It was made in a pharmacy as a magistral preparation containing 200 mg calcium carbonate and 0,16 mg eserine salicylate. In the past this drug (in a higher dose) was given also to Alzheimer patients and sometimes to MS-patients. In my body the effect was that it suppressed the general feverish flulike sensation we all suffer from. Its effect is short and it doesn't cure our disease, but it made my life easier and less miserable and it helped me to maintain a better concentration. Recently in Belgium and Holland this drug is taken from the market. Thru the internet I found that the raw material is available in the U.K., China, USA and Germany. I informed myself already if it is deliverable in German and British pharmacies and it seems not known by doctors there. Maybe it is still used only for laboratory research, that's possible too. Does anyone have any experience with this kind of medicine?


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