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embarassed to tell people im on morphine and othter medications

is this normal? i feel weird wehn famly ask what medications i take...i usally just lump them together and say just something for pain or to help sleep and pretned not to not know brand if asked....i was never ever on pain medications, anxiety medications etc...id made mistake opened up to sisiter i was on something for depression and anxeity and she said oh your on crazy pills...and that kinda made me not want to talk about it much...

im not addicted or abuse anytihing like most though it is the only thing that helps me to get through days and nights with the horrible pain and fatgiue..morphine has helped me to walk a few times around neighbourhood with daughter...and if have to go to doctor etc..and hubby drives helps with pain and anxiety...im gratefull for the medications and the morphine has helped more than anything else in a long time...

no one would want to live my life...im down to doing less than i was six months ago just keep getting worse...and doctor is great and knowledgeable so i dont blame it not on care just how it is....and ive tried alot...drained of money and energy...most days spent in house...lay down in between doing things..its hard but just how it is....if i get out for shopping/grocerys/ prescriptions some doctors hubby cant go too ii try to act upbeat think i do a pretty good job to others...dont complain or vent or talk about how bad things are..but its also drainging pretending to be normal and then going home to crash and cringe at the pain and fatigue coming even worse after doing anything...

just wondered if others keep their medications private and if its normal...if they pretend to be normal in public then feel like dying at home?


I usually don't tell people what supplements or medications unless I'm comfortable with them. They can be judgmental about it, which is no fun!
I just wouldnt tell anybody, i think thats why places like this are good because we can took about these issues without be judged and know one really knows who we are, plus most of us 'get it'.

Crazy pills hey? I hate those sort of comments as this shows people dont really understand these sort of issues. Theres a big difference between depression and being psychotic but they get lumped together, its not right. And if someone was crazy, well atleast there trying to get help and deserve to get help, its very narrowed thinking and majority of people in this situation when looked into have a very good reason for these problems.

With pain meds people just dont understand chronic pain and how hard it can be to treat someone. What i find interesting is that people who make comments about pain meds and or crazy meds usually have a smoke in one hand and alcohol in the other, now thats crazy as both have been shown to cause harm to the people that use them and mostly its a form of self medicating their own depression issues, especially those that have to drink every day??

Too many people are to quick to judge others and really dont have a clue.

good luck with everything,
plenty of people to lean on here,
thanks for the replies i think i will keep my medications to myself other than the people on the board my hubby and my doctor...i dont care to hear my sisters comments aobut my crazy pills it was insensitive and hurtful and id never say anything like that to her and she shouldnt have...

it helps to know that others feel the way i do and im not just being "crazy"
I usually don't tell anyone I'm on anything. And most of the time, I have to be clean and sober to drive or do anything, so I end up not medicating and suffering terribly for it.
It makes me think of the the John Lennon song "Whatever gets you through the night - its alright, its alright'. Your sister just doesn't understand. Good luck!
I went off all pain meds after seven years. My life was better with pain meds, Don't be embarrassed. Nobody knows the pain we suffer. Like Cort said what ever gets you through the night...it's alright..it's alright. What ever gets you through the day...it's all right. All we need is Love and no pain! By the way...John Lennon recorded that song with Elton John who also sang don't let the sun go down on me!

Keep the faith.
thanks for the words of encouragement as i said it helps to know im not alone....

i say things over and over in my head when i have to go shopping or anyting espscially by myslef i never ever ever take medications and drive...so the panic and anxiety is out the roof...i go crazy speed walking, throwing things in shopping cart...at a frantic pace to just get out though im hurting so badly and know my racing around will hurt worse..im trying hard to stop it and slow down...think im doing ok..

i think i will try to say the john lennon son you wrote over and over...i really like it..it sounds peaceful...may sound crazy but i do have to pray and say things over and over in my head when im out becuase of the anxiety and those words sounds really safe and nice...thanks for posting them...
Ive found that it is like one is darned if one is on meds and tells but also darned by others if one isnt.

I had many doctors who werent treating my ME symptoms for the reason (according to them it just isnt treatable and hence they dont give symptom treatment). I found that when others asked me what meds I was on and I then told them nothing as I could get nothing... they'd then think I was making the whole illness up.

For myself, its being better now that Im on meds and people then do realise that doctors at least do believe Im sick.

I have a horrid sister as far as the illness goes too (she actually makes fun with her friends at family dos at my food issues).. best not to share anything with them about it if they are like that.

best luck
You don't have to tell anyone anything you don't want to, it's none of their business.

Anti-depressants are to help chemical imbalances just as Insulin is to help blood sugar imbalance, that doesn't make Diabetics crazy, weak or anything else. It's just another organ in the body unable to do the job it was designed for.
I have been on different anti-depressants but not for M.E, my psychiatrist beleives M.E is a physical disease. My depression is a symptom of having a chronic disease & being in chronic pain.
Hang in There.

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