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Eeny Meeny Miney Mo & Ciao!

I'm trying to catch any anatomy of the Year of the Tiger. I want 2010 to be here, to wipe this year off the map. Eeny meeny miney mo is also how, you may have observed, dear readers, I seem to choose my supplements. Today I did one dose of Asian goo. I finally realized where I recognized the taste! It is the same taste I had from supplements I used to buy when I lived in Florence (they have very high quality licorice root there, too, that is sold next to the peaches, presumably as a digestif). Right around the corner from the Albergo Firenze is a health good store that also sells herbal tinctures and supplements. It has taken me back to the beloved Duomo & sun-drenched peace that I found there in the life of intermezzo naps & lack of electrical interference from computers, television, & yes, even air conditioning. A lazy morning of lattes & cigarettes (I could even tolerate cyanide back then!), saldes at Benetton &, yes, the unusual flavor that I first experienced there. I could speak Italian then, but I still had no idea what I was buying--I just trusted them. Any culture whose women can slip into stiletto Ferragamos & smoke a cigarette while on a Vespa has my true love always.

I have completely thrown away the Betaine. It smelled funny, & my output has decidedly changed. I'll use Vitamin C instead, and once September rolls around, a wider variety of foods that I may be able to tolerate better (sorry, Leaky gut!). I did not really sleep last night (too bad I'm off the methyls--perhaps they helped!), so heart is racing today; body confused. It seems like when I have inflammation (in the gut, spinal cord, etc.) that sometimes I have more energy; almost like my heart is inflamed, too (are you reading this, Dr.Cheney?). Anyway, I think I will back off for the rest of the day & try not to get too excited about Glutathione tomorrow. My big q is, "Should I also get the B12 shot?" Feel free to weigh in! Today I'm calling a weird 4, only because I'm ridiculously tired & wired. Ciao.


Such a natural writer you are. You should still be in Florence living La Dolce Vita. Such a shame what this disease deprives us of. Have no idea about the B12! (They never worked for me). Our detox guys might know though. Good luck!

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