Edema is a protocal breaker for Me & Folate

The Freddd Protocol pushes Folate hard as an absolute necessity, but it must be wrong *for me.*

Ref: Solgar Folate (as Metafolin) 400mcg

I am 5'5" and weigh 117 lbs and edema that obscures my ankle bones is freakishly bizarre, outside the boundary of my body experience, and I consider it a sign of something very bad going wrong inside. It is not that my ankles have never swelled before. When I work tax season and sit in an office chair 12 hours a day, they certainly do, especially when it is near that menstrual time. But, the puffy goes away within hours of rest. This is not the case here. I was resting. My feet have been up most of the day. And the swelling is all over.

I bought my first round of supplements based on the beginning section of the Freddd Protocol list. The first day, I took one folate and after a significantly worse than normal groggy sleep and morning fog, I put it aside to try again later. I have taken the same supplements at about the same dose for two weeks every day since then. I added the folate back in for the last three days, at a 1/4 pill dose. I did not notice feeling physically different the first day, but looking back, I was unusually cranky.

It is the oddest thing that taking extra B vitamins and etc. can make me feel horrible physically but elevate my mood at the same time. But, I should detail that in another post, perhaps.

So, although I did not feel worse or better in a purely physical sense for adding the folate (and only the folate), I do now have lumberjack legs, realize I have been a cranky bitch for three days, and have also experienced increased anxiety. After reading for days about the evils of Folic Acid and almost throwing out all my older supplements in favor of the singular Metafolin aka L-Methylfolate aka Folate 400 mcg by Solgar as recommended by the protocol, I am now shelving Solgar and will proceed under the assumption that Fol*** is not one of my problems.

In general, and I am aware that reactions do change while on the protocol and ME/CFS sufferers have hyper-sensitivities (to which I am no stranger), nonetheless, in general, some things just are not for some people. Like Tomatoes. I have never been able to force myself to chew and swallow a piece of tomato. I cannot explain why.


Freddd lists edema as the first symptom to appear during folate deficiency or insufficiency. See here: http://forums.phoenixrising.me/index.php?threads/b-12-the-hidden-story.142/page-172#post-698960

The idea that taking a small amount of folate, for example 400mcg, can create symptoms of folate deficiency is known as "donut hole folate deficiency" and is an example of a "paradoxical folate deficiency." Many people find they need to take much more methylfolate to overcome this donut hole deficiency. The required amount of folate can range from a few milligrams to 30 mg.

This induced deficiency fits into the larger idea of refeeding syndrome which Freddd discusses here: http://forums.phoenixrising.me/inde...es-to-healing-via-induced-deficiencies.41605/

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