Eckhart tolle has given me the ladder out of hell.

Congratulations Genevieve. I think 'being here now' is very important. My guess is that our systems just overreact to negative impulses. These negative impulses live in our assessing, nattering minds. Getting away from that is very beneficial.

I certainly feel much more healthy when I'm in 'the now'. Of course, very few people exist in the 'now', healthy or not. Lots of people, most people actually, have a negative mind state and it doesn't bother them physically. My guess is that the sicker you are the less your body can cope with the stress chemicals, etc. released when we're in the grips of these negative mind states.


thanks for the recommendation gen. the author is apparently very famous here in germany, although i havent heard of him before. i will try to check out his book. and i am glad to hear that it has helped you so much...
Thanks for posting, Genevieve - that's amazing you've found the healing and direction that you have. I find Tolle's work helpful too. I have the audio CD set version of the Power of Now - I find the sound of Tolle's German-accented, calm voice very soothing and the Q&A format easy to understand. Sometimes I actively listen; other times I play the CD before bed to feel even and neutral and it eases me into sleep.
Thanks for reminding me of this, I ve started to read it again. I do find him amazingly helpful. There is another book that you might be interested in. Its called the mandala of being by richard moss. You can listen to him at He is another teacher, in a similar vein to E Tolle. I have only read the first part, there is so much in it. The place that these guys have reached is incredible.

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