Echinacea/raw garlic again ...or coincidence?

I've been pretty down since the beginning of the month. A crash. Soldiering on. Feeling mighty weird and not right.

A few days ago I decided to give Echinacea another shot. That is Echinacea angustifolia root tincture at 4:1 (1 litre to 100g) alcohol to herb.
I also thought starting raw garlic again might be interesting. So I am eating a clove 3 times a day.

Initially months ago I got some slight help from this combined concoction. Not a magical cure, because my symptoms did return, but that definitely helped me when I was feeling the initial symptoms.

The symptoms returned but not as bad as they were in the first 6-8 weeks.

Okay so I thought I'd give it another shot.
And one more idea I had was -if it all made me worse, then that would give me a clue that I might have some auto-immune issue. Echinacea is definitely contra-indicated in auto-immune conditions.
I was ready for the experiment. Three, four days ago I started the tincture 3 times a day plus raw garlic (organic) cloves three times a day.

Yes. Marked improvement.
I woke up in the night wet through from a night sweat, though no fever. Went back to sleep. I still tire after a few hours of the day, but had NO head/eye pain today, NO trembling, and had good appetite. Plus I actually ENJOYED a walk in the countryside. Not far-maybe 2 or more miles, but no exhaustion or even weariness.
I drank a beer before dinner (no ill effects. And had two coffees today, again with no ill effects.)

This may still be coincidence. Maybe it's a slight remission again? Which was happening anyway? the way I now stink. So don't come near me. haha
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That's terrific that this combo seems to be helping you. I might try the raw garlic. Luckily, I love the taste.

Are you eating the garlic straight or combining it with food? Years ago I went to San Francisco's garlic restaurant The Stinking Rose. I ate so much garlic that I went through a little detox.

Keep us posted with your progress.
Perchance dreamer, I eat the garlic with food. Something with natural oils in it stops the garlic burning your mouth so much. Even butter and toast etc. Honey helps that too. I love garlic with honey. I guess it suits me because I love garlic generally and can eat it with anything.
The Echinacea/garlic combo for a few days now has definitely helped symptoms. It hasn't done a lot for an extremely tired feeling, even though sleeping very very well at least 8hrs. I'm OK for the first 4 hours of the day then go downhill until evening after dinner. But by then I'm resting.

So far no obvious signs that there's any auto-immune problem. If there was, I'd be worse now.

But this might be one of those short remissions I seem to get, happening as a coincidence. I can't prove it's the herbs.
Thanks for that warning. I will not come any closer. I don't smell you from this spot. haha :)
P.S. I hope the improvement continues for you!
Haha....I wondered why I had been so alone this week....
Only the neighbour's cat and a few random dogs plus one Crow want anything to do with me...:D

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