I am a 42 year old single mother with a viral MS, CFS and Lyphocytic Colitis.......I have always had atrocious health. My son was born severely autistic with nocturnal epilepsy.....I cured him. I have always believed that my immune system was compromised whilst growing up in Oman. I now believe that contracting Eptein Barr Virus in the form of Glandular Fever is the cause of my ill health and my son's Autism. After my last specialist clearly had not had his head in a book since uni...I decided to go it alone (as I did with my son) and cure myself. I am interested to speak to people who have had the EBV, what doctors have been useful in the Aberdeenshire area, and people who have had success suppressing EBV.


My illness started 19 years ago with EBV. What is viral MS.How did you cure autism? Im now going it alone and trying to research these kinds of conditions.Im in England and havent found anywhere helpful yet.
Hi.....viral MS is a known virus that I caught whilst in Nigeria.....it happened 8 1/2 years ago and have to admit......it was only last week that I actually agreed with the diagnosis....there is now way to test for it as it is so obscure.......the only reason we new about it was because my ex husband ran Shell Medical in Nigeria!

Curing my son's Autism was only really possible due to being in Houston at the time and having access to the internet.....it was easier to meet the right doctors to prescribe the right meds. I am convinced Autism is also an auto immune disease...I took all stress off his immune system with various supplements (they are slightly different from the ones I am looking at for me , a gluten free milk free diet,speech/language/physical/sensory therapies......and the right drugs to allow him to function. As you can appreciate....that's a VERY long story......but he went from a diagnosis of being in a home by the age of 5.....to now being 14 and being totally normal....give or take his father's genes!

As for what I am doing now......I have had a collection of very strange illnesses.....I always put it down to living in strange countries! However.......after giving up on consultants (both private and NHS), 8 1/2 years later after the initial MS virus......I have gone it alone.

My main issue was the CFS......the tiredness, spending weeks in bed, the lack of concentration, the inability to remember words or finish a sentence...............it was so debilitating. I did a heap of research that took me weeks......and came up with Modafil............I ordered Modalert from a pharmacy in Singapore and literally after taking the first tablet.....20 minutes later.....I felt like a different person!

I now have been on it for a week....no side effects.....and although my MS and Colitis is still the same....I
am able to have some form of life. I do stress.....that you should do your own research and that I have never had an issue with depression.

Because I am now able to mentally function.....I have spent the last week trawling through medical papers, studies and veterinary science. I am convinced minerals, especially magnesium and vital......

I, personally am going to try the master mineral solution......it is non harming and worth a whirl.....I did how ever speak to a highly informed man last night on here who had tried it and he did say it made him feel worse........his group of illnesses did however sound slightly different to mine.

I take Epson Salts every day as they really do make me feel better.....that being said....they do give you the runs.....so perhaps try something like Neuro-Mag™ Magnesium L-Threonate with Calcium and Vitamin D3.........I think D3, calcium , zinc and trace elements are important too.

What exactly are your symptoms?
Apologies...my answer was too long apparently, so I sent it in two parts.....the first part is underneath the second!
Your situation sounds so familiar with many on the forum with exception of having a son that was autistic. EBV seems to becoming an unknown monster in some cases, especially MS (which is what "Viral MS" is referred to). It seems like every 6 months there is a new study with news about how EBV is actually working different in the body than originally thought. Just as the study that came out last month. HHV-6 is probably going to show some nasty habits once they get some really good lab test that with high accuracy distinguish between the A & B variants. I still believe Dr. Chia and his studies on entroviruses will yield some interesting results if he can get some research funds and other scientist interested.

On the immunity side it appears to me in my situation that there is something that is going around and letting these lions and tigers (so to speak) out of the cages our body has already built for them in many cases.
Thanks for the heads up on the study......I have sourced some liquid minerals online which I am going to take, which I believe will make a difference to my immune system. I started taking Epsom salts with a diet last year and discovered how much better they made me feel. I've been taking them for over a month now everyday....and I can say that a cut or scratch used to take months to heal.....it now only takes days. I've also bought some transdermal magnesium oil to try......Epsom Salts can be somewhat antiscial at times!

Have you ever tried the MMS protocol?
Also....I have to say....Modafil is a real miracle drug for me.....my Leonberger dog took sick on Thursday evening.....to cut a long story short....I was up 50 hours with him (sady we had to put him down)......when I went to sleep on Friday night......I still slept for 8 hours.....before Modifil.......I would have been asleep for around 23 hours! So it does allow me to have a MUCH more normal sleeping pattern and I have no need for naps during the day.

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