Drs as far as I can see

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The results of my overnight pulse ox test showed I was around 60% pulse ox levels for 7 hours out of 8. So my dr puts me in O2 while I am sleeping and sets an appt for a sleep dr. By now I am in pain most all of the time. I am on tramadol after work and am just always tired. I still have a constant sinus infections, and have migraines every day. I am passing out at work 7-8 times a day.

Because my job is high stress and high energy I make the tough decision to go from a TV producer to just an editor who sits at a desk all day.

I do the sleep test and they find I am at 140 ahi. Not 14..140. 30 minutes into the 8 hour test the tech puts me on high flow O2, then cpap. She says she can't control my lack of breathing and has a obligation to end the test of 4 hours in. She says I should go to the er. So I go and they see my pulse ox awake is low and they put me on 24/7 O2.

I schedule an appt with national Jewish hospital. It takes 3 months to happen and so I am on O2 24/7 while I am waiting. My dr thinks that my passing out may be a seizure so she schedules a neuro appt.

National Jewish also has a great ent dr. After one of my sinus surgery my ability to smell was broken. This ent researches these kind of issue called parasomia, so I was super excited to see him.

I meet with a great pulumnologist at nj. He is committed to finding out what is wrong with my breathing issues. I spend 3 days doing every test that is available for breathing issues. I walk with pulse ox machine, they put me in a box and measure how much gas I can exchange, I do stress tests for my heart, meet with cardiologists, allergists, nutritionalist, and get mri, ct, X-rays, blood tests, etc etc etc.

The cardiologist (best in CO) says, your a little over weight. If you just eat a diet of chicken and veggies you will feel a lot better. Do it for 3 months and come back.

During this time I am getting sicker and sicker. I feel like I'm always on empty. After work I go home sleep 2 hours and then spend an hour with my family and go back to sleep. I was used to traveling and having fun working my high paced job. Now I work in a small closet, rarely leaving it because I am so tired.

My neurologist gives me a take home eeg test and the cadiologist gives me a halter monitor at the same time. They find that my heart is ok and I am having some seizure activity. The seizures are absence so I just black out with no clonic tonic movements.

The ent does an exam and says something I will hear often. Hmmm that's weird. You don't have a sinus infection anymore.


Waiting expectantly for the next installment! Is it true, you don't have a sinus problem any more??

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