Driving the Wrong Way Down a One Way Street

That was me today, I got confused in the city and drove the wrong way down a one way street. Could have gotten killed, but no one was coming on my side and I was able to make a fast U turn. This is why I do not belong driving. I get confused.

I went down to apply for Medicaid today. So, I go in with all my information only to be told, guess what, we changed it. We don't let you see anyone anymore to apply for Medicaid. It's all done through the mail now or online. So, she made me make copies of everything myself. It was free to make the copies, but that is supposed to be their job. And their copier kept dying and I had to have the security guard help me with it over and over again. But at least it's done. She stamped the papers and said I'd get something in the mail in about a month.

This was on my mind for a long time. They wouldn't give back the Medicaid till I was at or below their limit, even twenty dollars too much and they wouldn't. So hopefully, this will finally do it. I need it. I can't afford the copays for the doc visits or specialists anymore. It also might increase my chances of getting them to pay for more prescrips.


Well done, Carrigon, for jumping through all those hoops. It's something we just have to do. It makes me want to spit, most times, but you've got through another level so congratulations. And just like ME makes driving dangerous, it makes negotiating bureaucracy 10 times harder to deal with, and then they move the goalposts! Sheesh.
What gets me is the amount of forms we always have to fill out for everything. When you are disabled and confused and have a million cognitive problems and your brain won't process, and each thing you are applying for has like twenty pages of forms to fill out. They make it extremely difficult to apply for anything.
I hope your experience is better, but my daughter who recently renewed her Medicaid was told that they no longer pay for prescriptions. She is 26 years old with CFS and had to have a total hysterectomy because of horrible chronic pelvic pain of unknown origin. She never got to have children. She is still unable to work, is awaiting the LONG process for social security, and now I'm paying for her meds from my own social security disabality from CFS. The whole family, siblings, children and grandchildren ALL have CFS. Anyway, I hope you get something and I hope it helps you. We desperately need the XMRV research to move forward. We must be recognized as sick people with needs and it must happen immediately. My prayers are with you. Just tell the truth, don't downplay it so it's believable. It is incredible, and just tell them what you experience without the temptation to sugar coat it. Most of the time, the people you meet with face to face in these hearings KNOW the truth about our problems. Go with God in peace and trust in Him. All the best wishes in your efforts are in my heart for you. Just keep going, no matter what. Never give up, never stop under any circumstances, no matter what it takes, no matter how long. Dig in and hang on. Never let go, no matter how long it takes. The one valuable thing we do have is time; time to pray, time to call government officias, time to think, time to write governmental officials, time to make phone calls, time, time, time is our greatest asset. Use it to your advantage. All the best, Carla
I hope you get the Medicaid and i'm glad you're not driving in my neighborhood!LOL
It is such a pain to have to do that when so ill. I totally get it. Everything is like a chafe. I feel sorry for old people. What if they don't have a computer? How do they manage? It's awful how nothing is done in person anymore. Hang in there and yeah...I am glad you are not in my hood either although, be glad I am not in yours because I can be like that too.

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