Dreading the Fall --- Prepering ahead this time

As the fall approaches, I for the first time experiencing anxiety, I am not one to get anxious so took me a bit to figure it out what I was feeling.

Every year about September I have a major crash. And I do not think I can mentally or physically go through another crash. So I decided to plan so I don't feel as powerless this time.

I wonder if I am being negative but when it happens every year for the past 7 years, is no wonder why I expect it to happen again. But it doesn't have to be so bad this time. I talked to my husband and expressed my concerns and for him to watch for my state of mind, since I am not one to be complaining much and communication about been sick is poor to say the least.

I was freaking out, I would get desperate (mild word) to describe what I have been feeling. So once I have a plan I feel so much in control.

1) While I feel good, I am cooking my kids food and soup for myself and freeze as much as I can to get me through the worse periods.
2) I will go to counseling, to deal with the PSTD like feelings.
3) Will try to get a leave from work, I will not try to do it all while the worst phase, usually it lets up by December / January.
4) Will have the house friendly for Disability this time, order all my supplements ahead, have things organized and easy to access so my family can help.
5) Will make a schedule for my pills and supplements and make sure they are clear and easy access.
6) I have a mom's helper on call and identified (she is my 12 years old neighbor ). Which I will hire to come and help out (entertain my kid, serve me meals)... and I am training her from now so she will know what to do when the time comes.

After this I feel much better and less stressed about the months to come. Hope this help somebody.


Do you crash because of the weather? I am looking forward to fall since I live in a HOT tropical climate that is hard on my CFS.
I hope September comes and goes without any crash for you :). Are you still on the midodrine and Florinef? How is the OI?
I am still in Both BUT I am trying to stop the florinef (suppresses the immune system) so don't want to keep on it, But my OI is not too good so I might keep on it, not sure what to do.
I am not sure why I crash, I have the feeling is allergies and Climate control (temperature control issues with OI) so It might be that all the factors tax my system beyond what I can take.
Interesting that early fall hits you so hard. I'm dreading winter, but I usually don't crash until January or February and mine is likely both Vit D depletion and overdoing myself over the four birthdays+holidays season.

I wonder if there's an event that happened in the past in Sept. that might be triggering the PTSD like feelings? For a few years after my husband's divorce from his mentally ill first wife, he would have depression sweep over him on the anniversary of her final and most destructive manic phase of their marriage.

I think your survival plan is brilliant and I may adopt some of the meal making/freezing ideas. I was thinking to help me cope with the holiday stress that I put myself under, I am going to do two things -- work very hard on convincing myself that I am not responsible for making gifts happen for my huband's entire enormous extended family nor do I have to get the perfect gifts for my parents who have everything and need nothing.

And I'm going to get as much shopping, wrapping, boxing and mailing as I can done before the end of September, so that we can celebrate our family birthdays and holidays with as little stress on me as possible.
yeah I really think mine is allergy related. I like your idea for gifts and holidays, will include that to my list so I distribute the load!!! Please keep the plan ahead ideas coming!
Thanks Inester for reminding me about the fall crash and for the idea of being prepared for it. Feeling worse in the Autumn is very common in PWME and you hear a lot of people talking about it - there is a whole thread for it somewhere on PR. Uusally my Autumn crash comes after a good summer, where I feel at my best, but unfortunately I have been very ill most of this year and have not had my summer upswing, so dreading what the autumn crash will be like.
I am planning on continuing to study for my degree at home, ( I had decided on a year out as was finding it stressful, but now see it fills my time during the dark, wet, cold winter months) and also should be embarking on some treatment some time over the Autumn/winter (IVIG for my immune system, oral abx for Bartonella, then IV abx for Lyme and Cpn)

I may be spending some or a lot of this winter away from my family and home having treatment and leaving my husband and two kids to get on with it without me. This could be stressful as I rely so heavily on my husband and children emotionally as well as physically, but also could be deeply relaxing as I spend time away from all those stresses and focus on my studies and myself.... who knows really?

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