Dr. Kenneth Blanchard's book "Functional Approach to Hypothyroidism" and thyroid treatments

Anyone read this? Is it new or different info from the basic Armour Thyroid treatment types? Heard is mix of research for 20. 30 years and links to other systems, hormones etc. Supposedly challenges some of the traditional views, lab testing results and treatments... may not link info to ME/CFS however.
My daughter and I both take a thyroid hormone med in early AM, but after several weeks, even with zinc and selenium supplementing, don't notice difference in energy or depression. So... what have you guys experienced? Or what do you think of Blanchard's book?


His prescribing is different than just taking Armour. He says that Armour contains actually too much T3, or rather the wrong amount of T4/T3 ratio vs what the human thyroid makes. He compounds a thyroid preparation that is more in line with the ratio he thinks is better.

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