Doubling Down with B12

By the summer of 2013, I am starting to really figure things out. I already knew for example that I needed to open the folate capsules and pour the contents into my buccal pouches for it to be absorbed. They don't give this stuff away and at even 9 capsules a day I was not able to get results.

There are people taking 20 capsules a day. There is every likelihood that these people would benefit from the same approach.

I had been opening capsules several times a day. Without trying, I was pretty close to the half-life of folate which is around 3 hours or something like that. I would be sitting in a meeting and realize that my mind was getting foggier. Pour in the folate and within 10 min the fog would decrease.

After the operation, I told Dr Fred Hui that the more B12 I took the better I felt and he increased my dose to 1 mg a day.

I had to be careful with the folate as too much and the fog would actually increase and then I would take niacin to gobble up some of the methyl and return things back to normal. I mentioned this on Phoenix Rising and Freddd responded that this was not going to be the case if I was on B12. But it was.

Freddd? He is one of the smart guys that I pay attention to. "When you have a problem to solve and the science is over your head, find the smartest person who had success with it and then do what they did". Freddd understands the science.

He and I are not on the same path but his response to B12 rang a bell.

Anyway, his response got me thinking that I was not taking enough B12 as unlikely as that may have seemed. I was still at the place where the more I took the better I felt. I added sublingual and then more and then another form of B12 called adenosylcobalamin. Finally, I added a second needle.

My response told me that I had been in a severe shortage and so following information that I had garnered from the net, the plan was to flood my body with B12 for at least a year. For a few months I took: methylcobalamin 1 mg injection x 2 daily methylcobalamin 30 mg sublingual daily adenosylcobalamin 8.6 mg sublingual daily

The funny part is that my B12 level had always been high. I have my ideas about this but in the end they don't matter. What matters is that putting my B12 so high that our lab can not measure it gave me health.

Given average sorts of aborption I was taking about 9 years worth of B12 daily. I did high dose for over a year until my dentist told me that I was losing tooth enamel. I still take a couple of mg of adenosyl daily but "only" the 2 needles of mB12.

One of the SNPs that I have is the TCN2++and it deals with transport of B12 across cell walls and the blood-brain-barrier. It is associated with frailty in seniors.

Life with a treated methylation system was better. I could still trigger a fatigue event but it was harder. I could stand for 10 or 15 min without too much problem. Thinking was clearer and memory was improved.

Things improved further when I finally completed Freddd's protocol by adding Carnitine-l-fumerate. Over the years I had tried acetyl-l-carnitine and it was a disaster - increased fog, fatigue and depression. Terrible stuff. I was carnitine-shy and late to add it but it was a good thing and afterwards I never had another true fatigue event.

Folate was up to 4.5 mg a day but generally less. I did not measure it or dole it out. I just took it by instinct whenever I thought of it.

Mammals have that capacity. If you deprive rats of a mineral and then add it to one of 3 water sources in the cage, rats will choose that dish. Human's have the same abilities but we have perturbed the system with salt and sugar. Still, I have a rule that whatever else catches my eye in a grocery store goes into the cart. Like broccoli.

In the fall of 2013, we had a trip to Chicago. I tried to warn people that I could only handle a partial schedule and would need breaks. It was my fault one held a gun to my head. I got in trouble on the plane as I had gluten the day before. Kind of stupid, really. My first gluten since the operation and I ingest it before my first flight since the operation.

I was in a lot of pain. At that time my bladder and gut were talking to each other. A full bladder gave me gut pain and a bloated gut meant that I had to go pee. It was an awful flight. I just had another one earlier this month only this time it was the high fibre in coconut.

Anyway we are talking about squirming in your seat kind of gas pain. The joint between the small intestine and the rectum were still inflamed in 2016 and was still pretty raw in 2013.

Let's cut this short...between the bad start to the holiday, standing too much and walking all around downtown Chicago, I had a full-blown Fatigue Event. It was a dandy and kind of wrecked the trip for everyone. Break.


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