Don't be me.... TAPER! the hydrocortisone

HPA axis dysfunction. Some doctors have heard of it, some haven't.

The ND I was working with said there's no evidence of HPA suppression with hydrocortisone doses under 20 mg/day.

I think I took 20 mg briefly but mostly stuck at 10 mg. 20 seemed risky.

Then I started skipping doses with no apparent ill effect. Every other day, that kind of thing. It was because I was feeling well enough to successfully postpone breakfast on the way to intermittent fasting, and didn't have am food to take am meds with.

So I thought, hey! Maybe I can let this one go? And I'm seeing a different ND who just sort of accepted the list of rx I was already on

ha ha ha ha ha, you get the picture :xpem:

Over the course of the week I got progressively more tired and crazy. At first it wasn't bad.

By the middle of the week, I had hours and hours every night of WIRED AND EXHAUSTED. Too tired to read or do anything but stare at ceiling. Uggggg-ly. Unable to sleep during day even. Sleep deprivation is the worst.

I've spent last few days curled up on couch eating carbs and drinking electrolytes and waiting for Rx to be renewed.
AND reading up on steroid taper which I should have done BEFORE.

The good news is, it appears that there is no evidence of HPA suppression at hydrocortisone dose of 20 mg or less, like the first ND said. However, we get to be in this club by dint of being Special :D Sensitive :redface: types so.. that's probably not accounted for in the research. Everything hits us harder. :bang-head:

On to the taper. 5 mg.

I figured this week has been so awful, but... productive?? maybe see if I can work with 5 mg for awhile. Although I guess I should get some medical advice on this point. It's not like I'm completely well or anything.

I found one article that recommends 20-25% dose reduction every 2 weeks. Of course this is for much higher doses longer term.

But, last night I was finally able to actually sleep :angel:
Now, can I function while awake at all? And without coffee???? "Bad for poor adrenals."

Oh, it's always something.
Likes: Wolfcub


My wife experienced the same problem with prednisolone.
I figured a daily microtaper schedule for her. Like a 1% reduction daily, that's the only way she could succesfully wean off that nasty drug.
I figure I will wait to try to taper off the antihistamine til fall. You want to see ugly taper stories look up reddit.... the things no one tells you when you start taking something.

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