"... donations, including £10,000 from singer and model railway enthusiast Sir Rod Stewart, ..."

A model railway exhibit which was destroyed by vandals has gone on display after it was restored thanks to an outpouring of donations.
Members of the Market Deeping Model Railway Club said a 'life's work' had been ruined after youths trashed the £30,000 display at Stamford, Lincolnshire, on May 18.
A surge in crowdfunded donations, including £10,000 from singer and model railway enthusiast Sir Rod Stewart, allowed the club to raise more than £107,000 to go towards repairs.


Mr Davies said that it took 25 club members 1,000 hours of work to restore the models by hand, with some of the originals having taken years to build.
Commenting on Sir Rod's 'amazing and truly humbling' donation, he added: 'This kind of thing doesn't happen, model railway exhibitions don't get trashed.
'To have that sort of donation has enabled us to get back on track.'

And we now present another example of alcohol’s great history of contributions to the uplifting of humanity;

The boys, and a fourth defendant, shared a bottle of vodka as part of a "pre-exam night out" before going on a "rampage", a court heard.
Lincoln Youth Court heard the youths had deliberately pushed tables over.
The four 16-year-old boys, who cannot be named for legal reasons, admitted criminal damage.
Three of them were handed 12-month referral orders and their parents were also ordered to pay £500 in compensation.
A fourth boy was told he would be sentenced on 2 September.


Sentencing the boys, chairman of the bench of magistrates John Lock said: "In nearly 20 years on the bench, I cannot recall such a case as this, of mindless, wanton destruction. It beggars belief.

"You came across the displays and models... and not content with kicking a ball, you then went on a rampage."


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