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Ok just to checkj in to update. I am doing well. Throwing out the imunovir and more recently the methyl b12 was a good idea. I have more energy, feel healthier, can concentrate better, less compulsive, etc. Still by no means healthy, but doing much better than the last 2 years. I think NAC, zinc and methylfolate and vitamin e is also helping me, and LDN too, the other stuff I am not sure.

For those that are interested: I am taking
- nac 1800 mg,strep free probiotics, methylfolate, ldn, vit d3 vit k2, vit e 4001u, citicholine,
-Multivitamin with: bacopa 150 mg, mag succinate 400 mg, sylmarin, low b vits (RDA, no b6 and folic acid or b12), low q10, alcar, rla silicon, p-serine, lycopene, lutein, 50% molybdenium, chromium, 25 mg zinc, iodine, boron, potassium, 1800 mg NAC

I will start fish oil again later.

I am still on a trial of lamictal but may stop due to myclonic seazures

Anyway I wanted to check in, cause often the peeps that are doing better leave the forum and visit less, and so there is a biased set of info on possible treatments/ progress etc. You may have very different chemistry/ disease than me, so my treatment may be useless for you.
Take good care!


Oh I am also taking 500 mg vitamin c and glycine and natural vitamin A btw. And my insomnia is way worse than before, however I find that self-hypnosis (is available as an iphone app. lol) helps with that.
Oh and i am well aware that the tide may turn. Been there, done that. So no need to get cocky, yet.
I also still have a lot of numbness and tingling. I suspect that it also has to do with my bad posture, we will see.
Since my post "doing better' I have stopped pregnanelone, 5htp, rhodiola, sam-e and mushrooms and melatonin and equabriliant btw (altho I may start melatonin again for insomnia)
Hi Leaves,

Glad to hear your'e doing better -- always great to hear of improvements!

I was wondering if your neuropathy has improved? I posted a reply to one of your older threads where we were discussing p5p and/or b6. I can't find it now, but will look tomorrow, as I found some info that seemed a little different than what you had read. (I know...the internet is loaded with conflicting information!) :)

EDIT: I just re-read your reply above...and shoot...see that you're still having neuropathy...and I also just found that you saw my other post on the b6/p5p thread.

There's a b6 expert that I hope to "talk" to -- (email) in the next few days. Hopefully I can get a hold of her and perhaps she can explain why some of us can't seem to tolerate it. I did see a mention on another board that someone couldn't tolerate it until they got their b12 levels up...but I see you've stopped your b12.

B2 seems to help it for me a little bit, and also have started taking debittered brewer's yeast, which I think I'm tolerating.

Again...confusing and frustrating. I'll let you know if I find out anything helpful.

Take care,


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