Disability Anniversary??


I dunno Helly, if only I could remember when it started. I remember which month.
It took me 10 years to actually acknowledge that I was disabled. It took me about 6 months at the beginning of being forced to be mostly bed bound to accept that I even had a problem. A 'real' problem, not just a blip. How we think of ourselves is complex. Well my anniversary month is coming up - December - so I'll give it a go.

How did you celebrate? I'm thinking a present to myself.
It is complex...and I'm not surprised it took you 10 years to think of yourself as disabled. I spent 8 years very sick in my 20's with ME but would never have described myself as disabled! I have gone for a meaningful date for me ,which is the day I effectively stopped working due to chronic pain. Unless you have a specific accident or overnight illness, most of us can see at least some of our health problems stretch back a long way.
I think last year I allowed myself the day to grieve, to think about the things that had happened over the previous year....and I spoilt myself a little bit(!) I think I bought some flowers, a nice magazine...and had a sweet treat. I think a present is a great idea...maybe either something frivolous, or fun....or something that will bring a smile to your face for a while....
I didn't involve anyone in my 'celebration'- I just wanted it to be 'my' time.

I look forward to hearing how you get on in December!
It feels so sad to me too. I get times when I'm so sad about it all it's hard to keep going. Sad is definately a part of the disability anniversary....but the fact you are still keeping on, and the small victories are a reason to feel good about yourself too. x
Perhaps I need to give myself permission to feel sad instead of desperately scrabbling not to, like lately, like always. Maybe that's what my anniversary should be. Thanks. I'll look forward to reading your next blog on this
@Skycloud that's a good point. Permission to be sad instead of trying to be happy for everyone else. Trying not to be a burden is my issue.... @hellytheelephant, celebrating the little things. Yes. I too look forward to your next blog. Maybe I need to make my celebration on a different day than my saddest day. I have to figure that out.

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