Dirty Water bottle or bad water mostly causing my recent IBS

My "output" seems to vary from being textbook perfect to not. Seems to to back and forth and certain things have seemed to help at times.

Recently IBS-D moved in and there wasn't much I could do. I blogged about it and fought a great fight by boosting cortisol. Calcium and MFolate also helped and I got good results but didn't quite win the battle.

I started thinking outside the box. If seemed to be worse on days I was in the office. My first thought was that it was psychological and had to do with added stress of being in the office. I then thought of the cell phone tower about 1000 feet away from the building. There are a few articles citing a relationship between EMF and IBS. Finally I wondered if it was the water at the office.

I came back from a weekend and my gut was doing good. Got my usual liter of water which I filter through a
Bobble bottle into a Bino glass water bottle...

So my variables here are:
1. the water itself
2. the Bobble bottle
3. the Bobble filter
4 the Bino bottle and
5. the Bino nozzle.

I've read that bacteria from your mouth can live in distilled water and also can live in the charcoal filter.

So I decided to take just about everything out of the equation.

I put the Bino bottle (without the insulation or top) in the dishwasher. I handwashed the flip top but do not drink from it now. I bring water from home now in my clean Bino. The water we drink at home comes from a "Filter Water Dispenser" in front of our local "Sprouts" store.

My IBS-D has improved substantially. I think this was the source of my recent "outbreak". I was clearly fighting an uphill battle. I was having clear mucus that I have never seen before and thing just got progressively worse and worse over the last 8 weeks or so.

I wanted to write this to alert others. The source of your ailment may not be what you think. It could be something as innocuous as your water.


hello, Your report says you were having clear mucous from the bowel ?
Often this can indicate Candida presence.

Glad you're feeling better !
5150, Yes I was having that many times per day. Seemed like I was in the bathroom 5-6 times a day with that alone.
I was wondering, have you been to a gastroenterologist? I have IBS-C but will change to D. I don't have mucus though. I know you've done your own research so this is just a think about it post.

Mucus can also be Colitis which needs to be treated. Your symptoms just match. My sister has colitis. So be careful. Glad you're feeling better.
Pen2, I haven't been but I do need to schedule a colonoscopy soon so maybe I will discuss at that time. Thank you.

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