diazepam day 2, Doxicicline (3 day course)

Personal note:

Started day 2 on new sleep med. I feel very grogy in the mornings, Might need to lower dose. Overall I think has created a little fatigue. Will keep an eye, but I have spent the last 2 days sleepy.

Still going strong, Brain clear, Not very symptomatic except for muscle stiffness in neck and muscle latic acid pain. Need to find a way to lower acidity?!?!?


Try klonopin, that did the trick for me. Less brain fog during the day and a good night sleep. It's supposed to be a neuroprotective benzodiazepine.
What is your dose? I have used it in the past and got some more recently, mainly because of TMJ problems but I just do not like the stuff, 1mg a day for 3 days is enough to build up tolerance it seems and enough to really screw my mood without it after that. Would be very careful with any benzo's, also some horror stories about long term klonopin use on this forum as well, albeit probably rare.
I think is 5mg. I don't go up when things stop working, I switch med or just stop taking it a few days. TX for the warning, I am trying to come off but my issue is I don't sleep without the sleeping meds.
Diazepam has a really long half life. People use it to get off Klonopin which is a nightmare to get of. ONce your body gets used to it you might be ok. I'd try not to use Klonopin unless necessary and then only a few days in a row otherwise you risk problems when you don't want to take it anymore.

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