diagnostic test.......its real its here .....but will take years to get it to market.....


wow, it would be great if that was in the main forum area. I'd never heard of this foundation before and its amazing they have donated 6.5 million towards good research for us.

"“The Stafford Fox Medical Research Foundation was established in 2013 following the death of Moyna Fox, and named in honour of her late husband James Stafford, a former BP Australia chief executive,” Paul Brotchie, Foundation Trustee, said.

Stafford and Moyna Fox started one of Australia’s wealthiest medical research foundations after many years of careful planning, resulting in a fund worth more than $100 million. It was only publicly revealed in Moyna’s will when she died in 2013."
from looking online it appears they may of put more money into ME/CFS then anything else (they'vealso funded for stroke induced dementia research and for testing anti cancer drugs in rare cancers).
It's fabulous news, and also quite telling that this private foundation is donating almost as much money as the U.S. NIH does for one year - really a sad commentary on the lack of U.S. funding and commitment to help people with ME/CFS.
It is good news. I guess a problem is that the diagnostic tests being developed all have the problem of needing expensive pieces of kit.

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