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thanks for sharing.
what treatments are u currently on?
Probably quite a few things u could try but depends what u have tried. Im sure u have tried alot of things. ALso with so many things going on u may not notice a particular treatment helping until u have a few of the other dysfunctions treated. Some dysfunctions can cause or worsen others eg hypoglycaemia can be caused by eating high carb diet and this can also worsen candida, mitochondria and adrenal fatigue etc. I think there is a link to low insulin sensitivity, hypoglycaemia tha can also disrupt adrenal hormones and poor adrenal hormones can worsen hypothyroidism.
Basics i think are go after any infections found and try to improve immune function with immune modulators. Then try to improve all your hormones especially adrenal hormones, look into pregnenolone and dhea but always start very low doses and increase slowly. If tests say they arte within normal limits this isnt always optimal, many reference ranges for hormones need to be much tighter.I would also look into ways of improving insulin sensitivity such as losing weight if u need to, most find low carb diets help but the amount of carbs is individual?? Also maybe talk to doc about a med called metformin which can also help improve insulin sensitivity and help lose weight.
Mitochondria treatments almost always have q10 and acetyl l carnitine, so they are worth adding as well as a good assortment of antioxidants.
I hope this helps u start off and im sure u will find alot of other good advice here from others. Also what works for one doesnt always work for another, there is alot of trial and error to it all. Also hard to find a good doc to work with you but if u can its a great help i think.

Thanks so much for your comment heapsreal.
I will try and post soon what meds etc Im on.
Am on hydrocortisone for adrenals.
Tend to stick with dr myhill for advice as my NHS GP not good with ME.
Not sure what I can do about the EBV but will have a look at the threads on here to see what others say etc.
A x
Have added a blog post with my treatments
Its not a surprise that you are positive for autoimmunity and heavy metal intoxication, they go together like close friends. Have you started the simplified methylation protocol yet? Looks like you are great candidate for it.
The Hydrocortison could cause a lot of problems for you in everything. I am on Adrenal supplement compounded. What started all of miy symptoms this last time were 2 Epidurals I got for Back Stenosis.
Could they try a compounded one and DHEA?
San Diego

San Diego
They will only prescribe me that one.
when i had my DHEA levels tested by dr myhill I think they were ok.
Its just low dose hydro, I thought under 15mg was ok?
A x

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