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Detox Footbaths and Biofilm Busting Oil

I've been intending to post this for a long time. Detox footbaths are an enduring central part of my treatment protocol. The content below was written some months ago. Happily I'm now needing less frequent FBs and generally only use a single one, unless there's a clear detox episode in progress, warranting clay and charcoal. Over time I moved from using clay only by FB to taking it orally. I ask my body w/ self-testing for all the ingredients. I tend to only self-test + for oral clay after detox.

I see that I use the term detox in at least 2 different ways, in my own head. that is, detox FB = daily maintenance, employing baking soda (bicarb) and substances to help my body rid itself of histamines and sulfur/ammonia by-products. I understand that my innate detox pathways are compromised, and will likely always need some extra assistance from me.

Then I refer to adding more things when I'm having a detox reaction. This generally results from coffee enemas, which can release a greater degree of toxins into the body.

My experience has been that at particular moments I've had very big detox reactions, and after that things were different. Such as joint restrictions resolving, a dramatic shift in lifelong temperament, and no longer self-testing + for certain supplements. Over the last weeks my body has generally needed only one FB daily. So not only has it needed less help with detox, but also less of the other ingredients, most surprisingly, less potassium. This makes me very :). The only thing I can attribute this to is having added larch extract as resistant starch w/ my probiotics.

Detox baths are a central practice for detoxxing on the GAPS diet. For ongoing use, I modified it to footbaths only. I use 2 containers, one’s a dishwashing basin, the other an oblong bucket. Warm water, comfortable temp.

In the first I put 1 tsp activated charcoal, unless I’m in the midst of a significant detox and self-test for 2 tsp. And 1-2 Tb clay.

Initially I perceived the 2-bath set-up as the first one taking things out, the 2nd one putting things in. That’s a bit simplistic. But the clay and charcoal are a bit messy, so the 2nd bath is really useful to clean up the feet.

2nd footbath: Bicarb, generally 1 Tb, but self-test for more when detoxxing, as after coffee enemas. My histamine protocol relies on Vit C and Calcium for pulling out histamines. I use 1 tsp - 1-2 Tbs Ascorbic Acid and 1-2 Tb Calcium Carbonate, both of which are the cheapest forms, since I don’t have to worry about gut. . Also grapefruit seed extract, 15-30 drops. And I then put all my other powdered supps into this. This is working brilliantly. Potassium, and aminos. Glycine is good for detox. This used to include ammonia/sulfur-reducing aminos (ornithine, lysine, also arginine, citrulline), but I now use malic acid instead. Saves me from having to drink large amounts of K+ and I believe I’d use similar dosages if taken orally. I soak in each one about 20 minutes, AM/PM.

I used to add magnesium oil, which I needed in quite large amounts, to the baths. I believe now that this was weakening my toenails, and have resumed oral magnesium.

This way of supplementing works for me, in spite of what would seem to a non-sick person as a lot of trouble.

Initially I chose magnetic clays because I didn’t want to go the whole Andy Cutler route. I did a urine test which showed high aluminium, copper, mercury, also SIBO. After I’d used the aluminium mag clay for 3-4 months, something shifted, so I switched to the mercury one. After some time I had a week of release like I’d never experienced before. After this I tested needing less of a number of supps I’d been taking. I can only assume there was some sort of a shift. I did a hair mineral analysis a couple months after that, which shows no heavy metals. I’m very surprised, I thought it would show low-moderate levels. The hair analysis is tricky to use/interpret, because if all the metals are sequestered in the body, nothing will show. If they’re on the move, lot’s will show. So, given how much better I felt afterwards, I can only think maybe this is a true reading of my state. I now use plain bentonite from time to time. also oral calcium bentonite.

Re Magnetic Clay. I now think I might know what’s in them. When it arrives, there’s a big bag of clay w/ a small sachet of powdered stuff that needs to be mixed into it. I happened to have a bottle of Enzymatics Therapies Metal Magnet left over from my past usage, and have been using it. It has fulvic and humic. I see that there are a number of products at iherb that contain these, separately. iherb doesn’t carry the ET product. And I don’t know about the ingredients individually.But my take now is that’s what the mysterious ingredient is, along w/ something herbal, smells like it could be cilantro and or oregano. Added to bentonite.

BIofilm Oil Biofilm surrounds bacteria and makes them impermeable. I began using oils of clove, lemongrass for this, + oregano oil for bactera. I put this on soles of feet, palms, advice from Dr. Klinghardt. When I went looking for the source of this info, I came across references to eucalypt oil for best biofilm buster. I added this, had a big response. then I added tea tree instead of eucalypt, even more response. I mix 1 part clove, lemongrass, oregano, tea tree oils to 3 parts eucalyptus.
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ahmo, For the past few years, I have seen the value of detox baths (body and feet) but I have been using the salts (Epsom, sea salt and soda bicarb). I haven't considered Activated Charcoal. Now reading this blog, I am thinking of trying charcoal foot baths.
@JAM the oregano oil is not pure, it's 1:12 in olive oil. The eucalypt is labelled 'water soluble solution', but does not say it's diluted. No, it doesn't burn at all, even on face. :)
Good afternoon! please tell me where you bought the bath detox bath legs? this electric bath?
Your experience with footbath is very interesting, and I am wondering if you add larch extract or probiotics into your footbath too? What brand or type of larch extract do you use? I know probiotics are more complex topic, I will research your archive and hopefully I can learn something. Thanks!

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