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Never expected such wild life goals at the age of 31!

This made me smile but also sad at the same time. This disease forces us to dream small, huh? At least for now...

always cold. Blue lips if it’s less than 65 degrees. Lower resting body temperature.

I sleep under a sheet, 3 blankets (one electric set on 9--only because High is broken), and two comforters plus sometimes wear 2 pairs of pajamas year-round.

Sometimes though if I took boron on a certain day, I will have to turn the blanket off and possibly throw back some of the comforters. Just found this out recently: http://lassesen.com/cfids/supplements/boron.htm

I like your first blog. Thanks for posting this.
Thanks for reading, @Judee ! It’s terrible being cold all the time. I do the same thing with blankets, haha. I’ll look into Boron. I read that the herb Bonesett is really helpful for feeling cold, but I haven’t found an affordable brand of it. The formulation “Flew Away” works really well for making me warmer (maybe helps circulation?), but it’s too expensive to take every day.

I’ve wondered if this symptom is the chicken or the egg. Do I get more viruses because I’m pretty much cold blooded or do I have a blood parasite that has altered its host. Dengue, malaria, and babesia can do that. I tested negative for babesia and I’ve never been out of the country, so it’s a dead end for me.
Thanks for sharing. That's a lot.

Especially with little ones.

What kind of health care providers have you worked with?

The ND I've been working with had me focus on gut healing first then Lyme treatment. It's taking forever (going on 3 years) but I am getting better.

Keep writing when you can! And I hope you can get some help with the dishes.
@CedarHome Thanks for reading :) I’ve pretty much given up on doctors of all specialties. When this first started I worked with my PCP who ordered all the normal tests, even sent me for a brain MRI, which all came back normal. I’ve seen holistic doctors which were just a huge waste of money. Chiropractors I thought helped, but after recent visits I’ve realized that the neck adjustments cause worsening fatigue - I think I do have cervical instability.

I have a medical background and I mainly self-treat/test/etc. Lyme treatment didn’t do anything for me, and the year before treating Lyme we were all on the GAPS diet.

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