Day 99 - Joshua Leisk Protocol

So I had a bit of a breakthrough 3 days ago. I had a chat with a PR member who's also on the protocol. He's the same age as me, able to work full time, but all the symptoms of ME for the last five or ten years. At any rate he said he'd not been taking any b vitamins the entire time he'd been on the protocol as he had had a bad experience with them and vowed never to take them again.

The one thing I hadn't removed from the protocol was the b vitamins. Within about 24 to 48 hours of me doing so, I went from getting almost no sleep to getting a very long and pretty deep sleep. I still took melatonin and valerian root, but it was much easier to stay asleep.

Also my b12 test came back over teh maximum range, so I have no idea how high it was but as my sex drive and mood have also now returned to their normal state, I feel SO much better. My dizziness is less aggressive now too albiet not completely gone and my ability to do things and then recover with a milder crash, is also much more possible.

So not quite 80% but much closer to it than I was before. Also much closer to my pre covid jab no 2 level.

I'm still a bit concerned about my low white blood counts though and not sure waht could be causing that, so I will have to get that tested again next month.

Also my vitamin d was 77mmol, which while healthy is a bit low for this protocol and our disease in general. So I have doubled the intake to 8000IU per day, just to see if the supplements (oral) actually work, as I am a bit skeptical whether they do or not. When i get my next test I'll get my vitamin d re-tested to prove that theory.

So in a few days once my steep remains stable (I have added the oat bran back in at the maximum and egcg at 60mg 2x a day instead of 3x) I will then add back in the magnesium and see how I react a second time, hopefully no insomnia a second time!


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