Day 94 (3 months) - Joshua Leisk Protocol

So this week was interesting.

Since I last posted the 6 days of full on flu like symptoms (I thought I had a virus because my gf got a migraine which lasted about 5 days) and she felt sick herself. No idea if it was or not but as it turned out as soon as I added the egcg back into my regime, the viral symptoms all disappeared. Also my neuropathy which began prob on the 4th day of no egcg started to get really bad, shooting pains down the nerves and through the joints especially in the extremities. I find it odd but kind of cool that egcg gets rid of this.

I also tried to replace egcg with resveratrol while I was off it. But the resveratrol even at low doses drugged me up, lowered my blood pressure and made me feel pretty rough. Whilst it could have been a good thing, it just felt like a metabolic shift to be completely honest.

Two days on the trot not been able to sleep. I thought it was the egcg but when I removed it completely I found out that my sleep was still shit, so it appears to be the beta glucans at max dose that are doing it (1 tablespoon 3x a day).

So I took the egcg dose from 100/100/75 to 60/60/60mg today, which has made me feel calmer and less angry. Although did start taking magnesium l taurinate + ionic magnesium as I think that's probably wise on a protocol like this, as you never know what your body might be chewing through. So that might have calmed me down anyway!

So yeah will now stay at 60mg egcg and reduce the oat bran down to 1 tsp so I can hopefully feel MUCH calmer and much more importantly SLEEP. While sleeps never been a major issue for me and my heart does go out to those with ME who have never been able to sleep, the fact I could sleep pre-protocol but had pretty bad symptoms and was unable to leave the house for short periods, I could at least sleep ok.

Hopefully lowering the immune response, which is what I did on holiday, combined with less egcg, should make the sleep much more possible. Of course doing all this will probably re-introduce fatigue, but I don't really care because this is just a band aid treatment anyway until the doctors can at least agree a consensus on what causes ME.

Should be getting new blood test results soon, I've got some DHEA on standby in case my DHEA levels are very low as my sex drive has been much much lower since I started this protocol and I've no idea why. Although this might be my body's more normal/normal if that makes sense!

Whilst the second jab could be the cause of my current issues, I must be 11 weeks post jab now, I can't be certain. At any rate the magnesium I am taking does seem to be calming (just took my second dose) which can only be good. Although not truthfully looking forward to the return of the fatigue, but if I can sleep that's better than nothing.

I also have to remind myself it's only been 3 months and that isn't very long in the grand scheme, so will have to keep playing with the oat bran dosing to hammer my body with higher immune punishment for at least another 3 months if I'm to get anywhere near lerner and chia's cohort treatment periods for remediation of symptoms.

Remediation of symptoms so far

Of course I have had many symptoms remediate and haven't had fatigue for about a week, if I do get any it's incredibly mild. Even when I came off the egcg my fatigue didn't come back, I just had these horrible viral symptoms and neuropathy. And I am definitely still functioning at 70% hummingbird so maybe over time it will gradually increase....I am in no hurry. Happy to have my 70%! So the viruses may certainly be more controlled now, hence the increase in stimulation and lack of sleep....I'll just have to report back in a week.
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