Day 90 - Joshua Leisk Protocol

Still on aforementioned v3.2 of the protocol.

So I've tested this 2 or 3 times now. PEM and fatigue do appear to be blocked. This is directly proportional to the amount of time I have been on a beta glucan dose exceeding 400mg per day. When I increased to 1400mg a day I felt worse for about 10 days and then gradually began to feel better. About a week ago PEM and fatigue started to become blocked, I'd wake up tired or feeling a bit rough but other than that no fatigue. I can therefore only conclude this is due to viral clearance because apart from time elapsing (time can also be a factor sometimes) exercise of any sort should have triggered PEM but it hasn't. So I seem to be going in the right direction.

I've been reading a lot of Health Rising articles about latest long covid and ME crossover research. Lots of brain stem and spinal chord damage/infection theories. Doctors saying that SARS viruses camp out in the brain stem anyway, attaching to a plethora of ACE2 receptors (which cover the spinal chord) and hence they end up living here long term if the immune system doesn't get rid of them. As you already know the inflammation around my spinal chord and cranial cervical junction has disappeared, I don't tend to be "aware" of any now, that doesn't mean to say there isn't still some in this area. But I never feel anything there anymore. So it may be that the inflamation caused by the viruses is gone, but the virus itself is still camping out nearby or in the spinal chord.

Therefore I've bought some trans resveratrol made from japanese knotweed root to lower inflammation in the brain and spinal chord and increase blood flow to these areas. The point being that the body cannot heal what it can't reach and nor can the immune system fight what it never sees. So I am trying to increase blood flow to these areas so that over many months these hard to reach places have a chance of healing. It's a massive long shot and may not do anything at all.

So it seems like the egcg definitely isn't a requirement, but you would loose the anti oxidant effect which does help with free radical control.


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