Day 9 - second dose

So yesterday I started to get pain in my joints and ligaments, it's not super painful, it could even be akin to stiffness pain. I have general unwell feeling throughout my body and just feel yuck. So exactly how Josh said it would be, almost exaclty on time as well.

Sore throat isn't back, which is a blessed relief and maybe a good prognosis - I just don't think we know about about the sore throat symptom to be sure either way.

I do worry about auto immunity in terms of, is that what I am feeling. Hard to diagnose properly too in the UK so no dice there either.

I've increased the oat bran to a tablespoon so that must be about 4 grams. Which might be why my joints are hurting. Overall I would say the inflamation in my head has gone right down. But I have yet to actually exert myself or do much. My girlfriend has been doing all the cooking and all the chores since I started as I just do not have the energy to do much. Mentally I am ok, I guess mentally I have struggled at times for months on end but generally on the whole my brains functioned with ME. The two severist symptoms were severe dizziness in the first 14 months where I felt like I was in a washing machine all the time. Later on it was fatigue and low cellular energy that caused me to just have difficulty concentrating. But since the thiamine and glycine/cysteiene got added 3 weeks ago, that's basically gone away. Plus that helped to block my PEM very successfully.

I am still not sure what the EGCG is actually doing as it doesn't seem to have an effect on my PEM much. I lowered the dose back down to 25mg EGCG because the higher dosing was making me feel wired and probably contributing to the reishi stimulation.

Reishi is stimulating me, making me a tad anxious, affecting my mental health. But I can push through all this currently, it's not severe, but aberrant thoughts and emotional disassociation is a symptom I really HATE. So I don't like this at all.

Lastly I have been looking at whey protein alternatives. My lactose intolerance is pretty bad with ME so I think I'll probably always stay away from lacto whey where possible. Did some research on PR and found the following whey protein product

Sadly because of my bent tooth which causes recurrent ulcers (which might go away once the protocol has done it's job) drinking anything other than water is a no no for me and has been for quite some time. My dentist advised against getting it extracted because other teeth are highly likely to move if I do. But I am wondering do I just get it crowned and therefore would that maby reduce the size of the tooth? Or could I spend thousands on a brace to relocate the bottom teeth? All things I should have asked her when I was there, but I forgot. I might email them and see if they can advise.

After taking a dose now I feel sleepy, dizzy but the pain in my joints generally goes away, so this might be the EGCG being required possibly. This gets better over the next 3 to 4 hours. Also got some kidney ache currently.


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